Cloud Storage for Photographers

Published on 22 Feb 2018

In today’s digital world, cloud storage for photographers is important. Photographers’ needs are less and less about printed photos and more about cloud photo storage, secure image hosting and reliable photo sharing across applications.

Cloud FTP services including FTP and SFTP online are exactly what many photographers need in a photo hosting solution to manage their business and get paid for their work. 

Laptop and camera.

A photo shoot can create large files for all the high quality images. There are originals, edits, file previews and final versions ready for delivery or print. Plus after a shoot, it’s helpful to have a photo backup. Using online photo storage before you leave the shoot is perfect. Things happen to cameras and media cards in route. We didn’t mean for it to happen, but we offer the best cloud storage for photographers, whether it’s cloud storage for business or the personal cloud of an aspiring hobby photog.

High Quality Photo Sharing

With ExaVault FTP and SFTP services, photographers can have a secure file management system for all their photographs. This includes cloud photo storage and the ability to send large files. Make the best impression with high resolution image sharing. We think it’s the best way to share photos.

Sharing photographs is simple on laptop with ExaVault cloud storage.

Get the most of out your image hosting services when you can store images with the resolution and size of the original. Raw images and large files are no problem with ExaVault FTP hosting as your online photo storage. And sending your image files is just as easy! Simply drag and drop your files and choose how you want recipients to know they are ready for download. In addition to cloud storage for photographers, ExaVault also offers branded file sharing, so your image files and photo sharing shows off your business not ours. Match the look of your business with custom branding on shared folders including your logo and URL.

FTP & SFTP Photo Storage Benefits

What FTP services benefit photographers? Let’s check out a selection of common image hosting concerns and see how ExaVault makes life easier with it’s cloud storage for photographers.

☹️ Problem: Photo shoots can create a large number of original images plus countless edits for the end client. This can result in image folders larger than 10MB and up to half a GB if banners or other image types are required. This can be an issue for standard email and free online storage options.

🧐 Solution: Cloud FTP services and image hosting.

😣 Problem: Often photo sharing includes the need for recipients to be able to print high quality images. Again, email may not be the most reliable tool for trying to sent your large files.

🤓 Solution: Cloud photo storage and FTP hosting with the ability to send large files.

😤 Problem: For final ready to print images, there can be a team of professionals involved in the process needing cloud storage for photographers. But, you want your name on your work and you want to be able to manage who can access and edit what files and folders.

😎 Solution: An intuitive file management system with branded file sharing, unlimited users, and the ability to know what images are being stored and shared with file preview.

The Best Way to Share Photos

Exavault offers well-designed FTP and SFTP online services to store and share large files including photo sharing and image hosting. Send hundreds of photos with a simple drag and drop of image files. Clients and colleagues can preview files in *jpeg then download them. Simple and convenient backup for photographers. To top it all off, ExaVault FTP and SFTP hosting services don’t have shared bandwidth, so all your photo sharing and file transfers are extremely fast making it the best cloud storage for photographers.

📸 Do you capture life one frame time? Try ExaVault today!

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