Cloud Based SFTP Services Can Be Fully Secure

Published on 23 Mar 2021

Cloud-hosted software is convenient, which is why its popularity has skyrocketed in the last two decades. But is it as secure as an in-house solution?

Continue reading to find out how cloud-based SFTP services can be even more secure – with less effort – than an in-house server.

Clouds and lightbulbs.

“The Cloud” Is Just Somebody Else’s Server

Any IT manager worth their salt knows that “the cloud” is more of a marketing term than a specific technical phrase. Data must be stored somewhere. And that means your cloud service provider is using a server, just like you would in-house.

So first and foremost, it’s important to verify how your cloud based SFTP service provider manages access to their servers, both physically and remotely.

Server Security Is Our Priority at ExaVault

At ExaVault, we own our physical servers, which are housed in secure data centers throughout the United States. Our security policies are best-in-class, and physical access to the servers requires four-factor biometric authentication.

Before selecting which file transfer provider is right for your business, make sure they take physical server and network security seriously. Your data security is too important to leave up to chance.

Transfer Securely to the Cloud

It’s great when data is secure at rest. But how do you make sure it’s always secure, even when it’s in transfer to your SFTP service provider’s servers? 

There are a variety of options, all of which can be easily and quickly implemented via ExaVault’s web interface. Some of those features are:

  • Restrict all users to secure transfer methods like SFTP, FTPS, and HTTPS
  • Customize user permissions so that each individual only has access to what they need
  • Require complex passwords, or go passwordless with SSH Keys

Cloud-based SFTP solutions don’t have to be complicated, even while ensuring secure file transfers.

Monitor Access to Cloud Storage

The larger your business gets, the more users you’ll have, and the more complicated your file management will become. Keeping track of who has accessed your files is a critical part of data security.

A web-based SFTP cloud provider should always make it easy to audit uploads, downloads, deletions, and any other changes. ExaVault provides detailed activity logs for easy auditing and real-time notifications for instant reactions.

For programmatic responses to activity, ExaVault’s webhooks functionality turns file sharing from a manual user process to a seamless chain of automated events.

Get Started with ExaVault Today

ExaVault is a trusted cloud SFTP partner to more than 1 million users. Try our platform for secure cloud based SFTP services – our free trial lasts for 30 days, so you can make sure we’re the right FTP solution for your business.

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