Beta Version of New API Docs Available

Published on 04 Jun 2020

We’ve got big news to cap off the summer. For the last two years, we’ve been working on a new version of our API — one which will carry us into the next decade.

Our API is the underlying engine that powers ExaVault. Every time you log in to your account, you’re using the API under the hood. Many clients also use the API directly and write software to connect programmatically to their accounts.

New v2 API

Our new v2 API is built for the modern era. Built on the industry-standard JSONAPI spec, it’s fully RESTful, so you can use HTTP verbs like GET, POST, PATCH and DELETE to interact with resources.

New long-term access tokens allow you to create specific ‘application passwords’ for each of your client-side applications — no more sharing credentials.

Responses now include ‘relationships’ by default for any objects related to the one you request, so you can make fewer calls to get the data you need.

Errors are handled much more cleanly, with the full range of HTTP status codes such as 200 for an ‘OK’ message, 207 for multi-part OK, 401 for authorization problems, and 404 for not found. Additionally, error messages are much more detailed and helpful. And there’s much more.

Preview the New API

We will be rolling out access to our v2 API over the next few weeks. To get a preview, the beta version of the new API docs is available here:

When your account has been switched over to the new API, you’ll be able to create API keys and access tokens in the developer section of your ExaVault account. This is found by going to “My Account” and selecting the “Developer” tab at the top.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop us a line at our support email, which is

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