Awesome New Video Playlist: How-To Topics

More and more customers are asking us for video tutorials to help them learn some of the more complex features of ExaVault, and we’ve spun up a new video production team to answer the call.

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We took the basics every ExaVault user wants to know right off the bat, plus feedback from our customer success team to create a long list of potential video topics.

Video topics brainstorming roundtable

After much debate, decisions were made, and the list was narrowed down to a mere twenty-two topics. In the case of some specific networking tools, we divided out versions for both Mac and Windows users, because we love you all.

Here are just a few of the 22 topics you can find in our awesome how-to video playlist:

How to Share Folders

Skip setting up another username and password just to share a folder. Learn a few key things to level up your ExaVault skills, and become the folder sharing pro at your office.

How to share folders video thumbnail

How to View Your File Sharing History

Viewing your share history is easy. You can search, view share settings, invite additional people to access the file, and even preview. Learn more now!

View Your Sharing History video thumbnail

Importing Users to Your Account

Need to create multiple new users for your account? Create a CSV file with the user information and upload it to import multiple users at once. Let our video walk you through the process.

Importing Users video thumbnail

How to Set Up Direct Links

Learn how to set up access to files that will take a user directly to the file with a single click. Direct links are great for posting an image to your website or making a document accessible to a group of clients.

Setting Up Direct Links video thumbnail

For more great videos and tutorials check out our YouTube channel!

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