9 Reasons to Choose Enterprise FTP for Your Business

Published on 13 Sep 2018 - Updated on 02 Nov 2021

Does your business have an enterprise account for FTP and file sharing? Are you considering an upgrade for your existing account? What makes Enterprise FTP a better solution?

Large business needs enterprise FTP.

Enterprise FTP – The Right Solution for Your Business

Let’s start with the word “enterprise”.

A unit of economic organization or activity, especially a business organization.


If enterprise and organization are associated, then Enterprise FTP would be an FTP solution for organizations, in particular, business organizations.

We’re counting down the top 9 reasons your business will benefit from enterprise FTP.

9. Enterprise FTP Is Built for Business

With Enterprise FTP you get all the features offered for a standard cloud FTP file sharing account plus upgrades and enhanced capabilities dedicated to larger companies that are looking for a partner to support large file transfer operations. FTP is often a mission-critical component of an organization’s daily workflow beyond what basic file transfer and communication tools offer.

Enterprise-level file transfer accounts are designed to meet the needs of modern, global-reaching businesses. Those that require additional security or compliance measures, enhanced documentation or contracts, and a powerful web interface to manage data and users. Enterprise plans provide additional top-tier features, support agreements, account management services, and custom options.

Team meeting in boardroom.

8. Dedicated Support for Enterprise Accounts

Dedicated to making sure your files transfer smoothly from upload to download wether it’s manual or automated processes doing the job. At ExaVault, your enterprise account comes with a Dedicated Enterprise Account Success Manager

Dedicated Enterprise FTP Account Success Manager. 

Your dedicated account manager is your single point of contact for all your support inquiries. They can also provide one-on-one webinar training to get you up to speed on connecting via FTP and SFTP, using the web interface to manage your account, and more. 

Account management services are essential for large businesses. Your business shouldn’t have to handle the tough technical issues. Having a support agreement with your cloud FTP provider means you know how to get assistance if the need arises. Direct access to engineering and integration specialists for dev questions can save you time and headache if you don’t have the I.T. staff for troubleshooting.

7. Service Level Agreement

To comply with additional terms and regulations your organization may need to select enterprise-level services and software. Make sure your business is getting the quality file sharing solution you need with a service-level agreement (SLA).

Get a commitment from your FTP provider with an SLA. A service-level agreement or custom terms of service should come standard with an Enterprise FTP account. These agreements are a way to define and agree on the services your business will receive. 

With file sharing, SLAs include aspects of the availability and quality of the service, as well as specific responsibilities of the provider. Guaranteed uptime, storage space, and transfer speed are all outlined in the agreement for high-level Enterprise FTP contracts with ExaVault.

6. High Capacity Storage

Large and even medium-sized businesses benefit from high capacity storage. Enterprise FTP is where you get the most online storage plus all the benefits. There are plans for Enterprise FTP storage with ExaVault starting at 10TB of file storage and monthly bandwidth usage.

Need more storage? No problem.

4TB high capacity FTP storage.

Customize a plan scaled for your business. Expandable storage in terabyte chunks. Up to 20+ TB for enterprise storage of all your business documents. Expandable on the fly, let us know and we’ll get your update right away with additional usable storage space.

5. Custom Branding

Is the ability to customize your file sharing service a must for your business? Custom logo is the first step to being competitive in the online market. But, you can get so much more.

Selection of colored logos for clients who trust ExaVault Cloud FTP.

Show clients your logo, select a color theme, and create a custom URL to use when uploading files to your ExaVault account.

Enterprise FTP accounts often offer additional branded file sharing options like a custom domain. Change the URL of your file transfer site and integrate the service directly onto your website. This is branded file sharing designed for businesses.

4. Account Access and Users

Access to the users you need for your enterprise account is another key benefit. From employees and contractors to clients and other associates, it’s however many users you need to get the job done.

Sample user types with different permissions.

Don’t stop there, set permissions for each of your users. You decide who can upload, download, delete, and access which files and folders. Add, delete, or modify users any time as your business shifts and grows.

Maybe you have system-to-system connections that need to happen regularly - not a problem, that can be done too!

3. Enterprise-Grade Security

Top notch security is quickly becoming table stakes when it comes to selecting a hosted FTP provider. Enterprise-grade security protects your data and your company. Network and FTP server infrastructure should be fully redundant. Immutable logs for every account transaction improve control.

A file sharing service that offers enterprise-grade security understands that data protection should be a priority. You deserve features developed with a security first mindset, as well as options that enable you to limit access to only the parties or individuals you authorize. 

Customer and user security options for file transfer.

Boost data security with features like IP whitelisting and automatic user expiration. Enable multi-factor authentication for individual users or require it across your whole account to add a layer of security.

Require MFA for all users.

Additionally, a strong terms of service and data privacy policy with customization available for enterprise customers is essential for many organizations.

2. Enterprise Volume File Transfers

Securely transfer as much data as your business needs to with no extra fees. Business documents, contracts, photos, blueprints and more. This allows your business to keep the workflow on track. 

Leverage up to 2,000,000 daily transactions included with Enterprise FTP accounts compared to 480,000 for Advanced accounts. 

Upload one file and let clients or employees download it without having to worry about the traffic from those downloads causing any interruptions. 

1. Unlimited Automations

The number one reason companies like yours choose Enterprise FTP is the ability to set up automations restriction free. Start automating file transfer with unlimited webhooks and leverage the ExaVault API with unlimited access tokens.

A typical automation flow might involve files that come from vendors or customers to your ExaVault account. Then, webhooks generate the notifications to your waiting applications, and finally use the API to pull those files into your business systems as needed.

Automate files to servers with Enterprise FTP.

Set up multiple webhooks that can be directory specific. Directory-specific webhooks give your enterprise the opportunity to send webhooks to your tech-savvy customers and contacts notifying their applications about files waiting for them.

Enterprise accounts support all enhanced webhooks features with developer support to help you get set up.

Create unlimited webhooks with Enterprise FTP to notify you of changes in your account.

Manage your account programmatically and get all your automation and integrations set up easily. Developer documentation assists in managing and setting up your API keys, access tokens, and webhooks.

Set up your API keys and access tokens.

Set up one or twenty integrations. Enterprise FTP with developer tools allows you to set up the integrations and automations that support your business and help it run efficiently. And because all access tokens utilize user-specific security rules, you can work with your customers or clients to allow them to access their files directly via the API.

Built for Your Business

You’ve seen the top benefits of going with Enterprise FTP for your business file sharing and storage solution. Being business-oriented from the beginning to unlimited automation potential — your business will benefit from the high capacity storage and fast transfers.

Enterprise FTP means more than just direct connections via FTP, SFTP or FTP-SSL. Now may be the time to review your current file transfer service and upgrade to enterprise. ExaVault hosted FTP is built to scale for your business. It’s easy to upgrade to enterprise and get the features a business like yours deserves.

Already have hosted FTP or a file sharing solution? If you’re interested in upgrading to Enterprise FTP for your business, contact ExaVault today.

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