We're Evolving FTP

About ExaVault

FTP has been the preferred method of file transfer for decades. We've taken the best that FTP has to offer, and added a slick web based interface that allows you to share and transfer large files to friends, clients and colleagues anywhere in the world.

With ExaVault, you get proven transfer methods and access from thousands of desktop applications - plus the best in web management and sharing capabilities.

Our Philosophy

We believe in treating our customers like we'd want to be treated. Everybody says that, but we mean it. We don't charge you extra for advanced features – all you have to do is buy the amount of space you need. We give you a free trial to try our services. And we provide direct support from our engineering department, so you get answers quickly.

Meet the team

The people behind the scenes working hard to make the best product around.

David O

Tom F

Kathy M

Amy L

Elizabeth L

Jason W

Dima R

Karl F

Yuriy K

Eddie C

Sen T