Secure FTP Server

World-Class Infrastructure

ExaVault physically owns and operates all of our infrastructure, giving us total control over our network, system, and server security.
Bulletproof Security

Best-in-class computer & network security policies to protect your personal and business data from online attackers.

Additionally, ExaVault's physical infrastructure is housed in secure data centers throughout the United States. Our SOC 2 Type 1/2 facilities require four-factor biometric authentication to physically access equipment.

Redundant from Top to Bottom

Network and server infrastructure is fully redundant, from incoming network feeds all the way down to data on disk.

All data from primary data centers is backed up to a physically owned disaster recovery facility meeting the 100 mile+ secondary redundancy standard. The disaster recovery facility is fully capable of taking over for primary production facilities should the need arise.

Industry Compliant

To ensure your files are in good hands, data centers meet the highest standards for quality and security. ExaVault's facilities are SOC 2 Type 1/2 compliant as well as ISO 27001 certified.

GDPR Compliant

ExaVault is Privacy Shield certified. In addition, ExaVault's terms of use include the Standard Contractual Clauses, so ExaVault can lawfully collect, receive, and process personal data from the EU and UK. For more information, please see our page on the EU's General Data Protection Regulation.

All 10gig. All Juniper.

From the core switches on down, our network is fully -- and proudly -- all Juniper. ExaVault uses 10gig connections at the edge, and 40gig on the backbone, to help keep your data moving quickly through our infrastructure.

The Best in Open Source

Believing in the security and flexibility provided by open source software -- ExaVault uses FreeBSD and CentOS at the OS layer, and a customized version of proftpd for our S/FTP server subsystem. As contributors to all three projects as well — we like to give back.

Data Storage by ZFS and GlusterFS

Proven secure FTP data storage technology, like ZFS and GlusterFS, keeps your files safe and secure on our FTP servers. ExaVault's newest generation hosted FTP storage pools are capable of instant failover should an issue occur.

A Single API at the Core

Architecturally, all customer-facing file transfer and FTP services run through a single, powerful API. Some other companies provide segmented APIs to their customers, separate from what they use in-house. Not ExaVault – you get full access to the same API we use for all clients. For more info, see our developer docs.

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