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Secure cloud file sharing service ExaVault offers a very compelling alternative to ShareFile. However, with unlimited users, web file management and FTP/SFTP support, great website integration options, and a full developer API, it compares very favorably as an alternative to ShareFile. Best of all, unlike ShareFile, there’s no per user cost.

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File Sharing: ShareFile Vs. ExaVault

Citrix ShareFile offers secure file sharing solutions. They focus on cloud storage and sharing so you can access your business files and folders anywhere. ShareFile supports custom branding, with file shares that display your business logo, colors and more. All of that comes with serious costs, not just in money, but in the time and energy it takes to negotiate the services offered.

Like ShareFile, ExaVault offers an extensive list of cloud sharing features, but at a more cost-effective price point than ShareFile. In addition to the capabilities ShareFile has, ExaVault includes the ability to receive files, and the ability to share files directly via web links. ExaVault even includes a full hosted FTP server with support for FTP, SFTP, and FTP-S for secure file transfers.

Scale comparing ShareFile vs ExaVault.
Logo for ShareFile alternative ExaVault.

What’s Best for Your Business: ShareFile Vs. ExaVault

ShareFile was originally built for accountants and CPAs. These businesses were a large portion of ShareFile’s initial clients, and ShareFile has tailored their services to meet specific accountant needs.

ExaVault is a leading business file sharing service, and the best ShareFile alternative, with fast and secure sharing. ExaVault has business-friendly plans for any size or type of business that don’t restrict users or bandwidth.

Accountants, manufacturing firms, software developers, small businesses and more use ExaVault solutions to easily share and send large files to clients and colleagues any time.

Here’s a sample of the features you get when you choose ExaVault as your ShareFile Alternative:

  • Modern, responsive web based interface.
  • Unlimited users with no per user fee.
  • Granular permissions that allow users to view, edit, download -- whatever you decide.
  • Ability to enforce complex passwords for enhanced security.
  • Branded file sharing - logo, colors, and even the URL.
  • Custom messages on notifications and file shares.
  • Comprehensive activity logging.
  • Customizable, embeddable forms for file upload.
  • Full hosted FTP, FTPS and SFTP server.
  • Passwordless login with SSH keys, for automated transfers.
  • Easy scalability - upgrade/downgrade accounts at any time.

ShareFile Vs. FTP

ShareFile claims that FTP has shortcomings, such as complicated software installations, slow upload times, cumbersome client interfaces and not being easy to use on the go as a solution.

These claims are not true with ExaVault.

FTP speedometer showing fast transfer speeds.
  1. Sign up for your ExaVault account, and you are up and running with hosted FTP - nothing complicated!
  2. FTP is faster than cloud-only file sharing solutions, and ExaVault supports 'FTP Resume' on both uploads and downloads. If there is an interruption of your Internet connection, FTP Resume lets you resume uploading or downloading your large files right where you left off. Try that with ShareFile!
  3. ExaVault lets you access your files and folders using any of thousands of FTP clients.

Pricing: ShareFile Vs. ExaVault

ExaVault has world-class FTP service with no per user cost. You'll get unlimited users, unlimited bandwidth and 350GB file storage for $100 per month vs. ShareFile where a $100 per month business file sharing plan will get only 5 employee accounts. After that, you pay $10 per month more per additional user.

As a ShareFile alternative, ExaVault software makes business file sharing simple and secure; you make it fit your business needs with custom branding, unlimited users and full control over your file transfers with S/FTP access, online file sharing, notifications, granular permissions for users, and detailed activity logs.

Let ExaVault be your cloud FTP storage and online file sharing solution. Check out ExaVault’s full list of features and try ExaVault free for 30 days.

ShareFile pricing options billed annually.
Pricing for ShareFile alternative ExaVault.

Companies that use and trust ExaVault

  • Alamo Drafthouse
  • True Value
  • Chevron
  • Clorox
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