Secure file sharing has many options, including cloud storage, FTP & SFTP, FTP online, cloud FTP, and cloud file sharing. What does this all mean? If you are looking for the right service provider for your business file sharing it’s good to know what you need and what different providers offer.

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What Sharefile Does

Citrix Sharefile offers secure file sharing. They focus on cloud storage and sharing so you can access your business files and folders anywhere. Sharefile also does custom branding, so you have custom branded file shares that let your clients see your business logo, colors and more. Add in 24/7 support and SSL encryption, and you’re looking at a great business file sharing company.

When you look at Sharefile vs other companies it can be hard to choose. ExaVault also has an extensive list of services similar to Sharefile. ExaVault supports FTP, SFTP, and FTP-S for secure file transfers. ExaVault FTP accounts include custom branding of your company logo, styling, and domain, rockstar engineering support with multiple support channels and SSL encryption.

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ExaVault has pound for pound more features than anything.

Best Business File Transfer Alternative to Sharefile

Sharefile vs. other business file transfer and sharing options are great for accountants and CPAs. These businesses were a large part of their initial clients, and they have tailored their services to meet specific accountant needs. Sharefile cloud storage has great MS Outlook integration for sharing large files via that email platform. Citrix Sharefile also focuses on real-time editing and collaboration with their “content collaboration platform”.

ExaVault is great too, with fast and secure FTP hosting. ExaVault has business-friendly plans for any size or type of business that don’t restrict users or bandwidth. Accountants, marketing professionals, small businesses and all those in between can create collaborative workspaces easily.

Sharefile vs. FTP

As a cloud storage and file sharing company, Sharefile file transfers are compatible with a number of well-known FTP clients.

Sharefile also claims FTP has shortcomings including; complicated software installations, slow upload times, cumbersome client interfaces and not being easy to use on the go.

FTP is fast, trusted and reliable.

These claims are not true with ExaVault.

  1. Sign up for your ExaVault account, and you are up and running with hosted FTP - nothing complicated!
  2. FTP is faster than cloud-only file transfers, and ExaVault supports 'FTP Resume' on both uploads and downloads. If there is an interruption of your Internet connection, FTP Resume lets you resume uploading or downloading your large files right where you left off.
  3. ExaVault lets you access your files and folders anywhere from any device with a powerful web interface for FTP online.

So why choose ExaVault vs. Sharefile?

  1. Storage - ExaVault has Business accounts with 500GB of file storage and 1+TB for Enterprise storage accounts.
  2. Security - ExaVault security options including Enterprise-Grade Security show that data protection is a priority.
  3. FTP Servers - ExaVault has best-in-class carrier grade data centers.

The Cost of Sharefile vs. ExaVault FTP

ExaVault has world-class FTP service with no per user cost. Get unlimited, users, unlimited bandwidth and 350GB file storage for $100 per month vs. Sharefile where a $100 per month business plan will get you unlimited storage but only 5 employee accounts. Pay $10 per month more per additional user with Sharefile.

Let ExaVault be your cloud FTP storage solution. Check out ExaVault’s full list of features and try FTP free for 30 days.

We make business file sharing simple and secure; you make it fit your businesses needs with custom branding, unlimited users and full control over users with granular permissions and activity logs.

Sharefile starts at $60, with a $8 per month charge per user.
ExaVault includes unlimited users with no per-user cost.

Companies that use and trust ExaVault

  • Alamo Drafthouse
  • True Value
  • Chevron
  • Godfathers Pizza
  • Clorox
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