ShareFile Vs. ExaVault

ShareFile Vs. ExaVault

Looking for an alternative to Citrix ShareFile cloud file sharing software that also supports FTP / SFTP connections? Get a modern web interface plus FTP all with the pricing and customer support that can’t be beat -- Try ExaVault today!

ShareFile Vs. ExaVault

Beyond File Storage

If storage is your main concern, you probably want a ShareFile account.

As a ShareFile alternative, ExaVault makes business file sharing simple and secure; you make it fit your business needs with custom branding, full control over your file transfers with S/FTP access, online file sharing, notifications, granular permissions for users, detailed activity logs, and a full developer API.

Get the features and secure FTP access you need with ExaVault, add users or storage space to your plan any time - no hassles.

ShareFile Vs. ExaVault

FTP Isn’t Cumbersome with ExaVault

ShareFile claims that FTP has shortcomings, such as complicated software installations, slow upload times, cumbersome client interfaces, and being difficult to use.

These claims are not true with ExaVault.

  • Sign up for your ExaVault account, and you are up and running with hosted FTP - nothing complicated!
  • FTP is faster than cloud-only file sharing solutions, and ExaVault supports 'FTP Resume' on both uploads and downloads. If there is an interruption of your Internet connection, FTP Resume lets you resume uploading or downloading your large files right where you left off. Try that with ShareFile!
  • ExaVault lets you access your files and folders using any of thousands of FTP clients.
ShareFile Vs. ExaVault

Better for Your Business

ShareFile was originally built for accountants and CPAs. These businesses were a large portion of ShareFile’s initial clients, and ShareFile has tailored their services to meet specific accountant needs. ExaVault has business-friendly plans for any size or type of business.

Accountants, manufacturing firms, software developers, small to medium sized businesses and even enterprise use ExaVault solutions to easily share and send large files to clients and colleagues any time.

Check out our plans to view all features and details.

Better Support for Your Business

Citrix ShareFile has helpful online articles and tutorials to get you started. From there it’s a struggle to locate a phone number, and you’ll need to know what type of support you are eligible for. Did you pay for a technical support package?

ExaVault has real people providing support now matter what your issue. Anyone can submit a support ticket and you can live chat or call us during business hours. All our support options are easy to access on our site or in the web-interface, and one-on-one training sessions are free. We also have an extensive support library and developer API docs you can access any time.


  • Full FTP, FTPS and SFTP support
  • No file size limit
  • Starting at 1TB+ storage and bandwidth
  • Engineer support via phone, email, chat, even live webinar


  • $24.30 per month/per additional user
  • 100GB file size limit
  • Purchase technical support packages
  • Unlimited storage

Trusted by more than one million users.

"Does exactly what was promised so I couldn’t improve it. First class product."
~Vance Harris, Miko Computers Limited

ExaVault has been rated 4.9 out of 5 on TrustPilot.

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