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Features: Onehub vs. ExaVault

Both ExaVault and Onehub offer secure file sharing, collaboration, and the capability to access your files from anywhere on any device.

Here’s what you get from Onehub vs. ExaVault with a business file sharing account:

Icon that shows a scale - BrickFTP vs ExaVault
  Onehub vs ExaVault
Users on Account 5 ($15/ea additional) Unlimited
Storage Unlimited 350GB (up to 1+TB)
Send Large Files 5GB Up to 4TB
Unlimited Bandwidth
Custom Branding Logos, colors, domain for additional $$ Logo, colors, domain
Online File Preview
Enterprise Grade Security
Hosted FTP
FTP Support Supports secure FTP access
through connections over TLS/SSL

In addition to these file sharing features, ExaVault offers API access designed for business and developers. ExaVault API lets you control nearly all aspects of your account programmatically, with capabilities from uploading and downloading files to setting up and managing notifications for your file transfers.

Pricing: Onehub vs. ExaVault

With Onehub vs. ExaVault, you’ll pay for all the extras like additional users and enhanced custom branding options. Want to add password protection and expiration dates for your file shares? You can pay to upgrade to a Onehub Business plan to get these features and additional security options.

Onehub starts at $25 for 3 users and $100 per month for 5 users. ExaVault includes unlimited users with no per-user cost.

With ExaVault pricing there is no cost per user and you get all the extras. You can create as many users for your account as you need with no additional cost. Each user can have a unique password, custom account permissions, and even SSH key logins.

Onehub pricing just doesn't compare. It’s Onehub vs. your budget when you have to spend $100 extra to get a custom domain. Onehub pricing can quickly become more than expected if you want custom branding or any additional users.

Onehub vs. FTP

For businesses that rely on FTP for large file transfer, finding the right business file sharing and storage solution can be difficult. Onehub wants you to replace hosted FTP servers and “complicated” FTP clients for their FTP alternative.

ExaVault is FTP Evolved

ExaVault doesn’t want you to replace anything other than your current FTP and file sharing solution. We have the FTP servers and take care of the maintenance and security. You decide which file transfer protocols to use.

Onehub vs. ExaVault - both have online access and simple, easy to use web-based file management. ExaVault provides direct S/FTP access for secure file transfer and fast uploads and downloads when you need to share large files via FTP. The support team at ExaVault is there to assist with any technical issues including direct access to their rockstar engineers who built and use the product.

ExaVault is FTP Evolved.

You don’t have to give up on FTP to get the perfect file transfer solution. Get business file sharing with all the benefits of cloud storage, online access, enterprise-grade security for secure file shares, fast file transfer, a flexible permissions model that lets you decide who can access which files and folders and more great features for a fixed monthly price.

For simple & secure business file sharing, you can go with Onehub or ExaVault. We think what a great business needs is a simple FTP site offering secure file sharing, storage, and management that can fully integrate with modern web-based tools. Save time, money and headaches over security woes. ExaVault offers easy setup of your FTP account, manages the maintenance of the FTP server, hardware and software, and provides enterprise-grade security with rockstar engineering support standard.

Great service for file sharing! I really like Exavault, when pointing customers to get files, it is so much more professional and easy to use than DropBox. I like the way that the site can be customized with your company name and logo. It goes a long way with customers.

Companies that use and trust ExaVault

  • Alamo Drafthouse
  • True Value
  • Chevron
  • Godfathers Pizza
  • Clorox
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