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Dropbox Vs. ExaVault

Both Dropbox and ExaVault file sharing services have been around for more than a decade. Great news for those who want to share their files through committed companies that have proven to know their business - the business of file sharing and secure cloud storage services.

While both companies offer secure business-oriented cloud features generally complementary to Google Drive, Dropbox has an ongoing list of new products like Dropbox Paper, Dropbox Professional, Dropbox Business, and Dropbox Showcase. All these Dropbox alternatives for business can be a headache to understand, and often come with an additional fee, so it can be hard to make the best choice for your company. It can become Dropbox vs. Dropbox instead of focusing on what features you really need.

Scale comparing Dropbox vs ExaVault.

ExaVault offers secure cloud file sharing service with a comprehensive feature set and clear pricing. No add-on products - every account includes all our best features plus the file storage you need. ExaVault has an easy to navigate interface designed for business with functionality over frills. The simple layout makes it easy for you to find all the right features and functions for the best file sharing experience no matter what level account you have. Access your files no matter if they’re photos and videos or just tons of Microsoft Office files.

Their Old Billing Model Vs. Our Unlimited Users

Growing businesses often care about cost predictibility. For a Business Pro account, Dropbox pricing comes in at $60/month for up to 3 users, with extra costs for each additional user. Dropbox vs. additional users = additional $$.

Dropbox starts at $12.50 per user, going up to $20 per user. ExaVault includes unlimited users with no per-user cost.

With ExaVault secure cloud file sharing service there is NO per-user cost and no user limits. Create as many users as you need with no additional cost. This includes the option for a unique password, custom account permissions, and even SSH key logins for each user. Get more users and save money with ExaVault vs. Dropbox pricing, making it the best value for your growing business.

Custom Branded File Sharing for Business

Customizing files with a company logo and other branding can be key for many businesses. With Dropbox service, you can put your logo on the account, and that's it for their custom branding options.

ExaVault can be branded with your colors, logo and URL.

ExaVault file sharing service lets you protect your brand with custom branded file sharing for business. Use your logo and URL throughout, including on shared folders and notification emails. You can even embed ExaVault's interface right into your website, making it look like its your file sharing solution.

Compatibility with FTP & SFTP

Dropbox uses proprietary protocols – and that's all they offer. Like Dropbox, ExaVault has its own API, but also offers a fully hosted FTP server. FTP is a worldwide standard invented in 1971, and our system supports literally thousands of third party applications and products. Try that with Dropbox.

Great service for file sharing! I really like Exavault, when pointing customers to get files, it is so much more professional and easy to use than DropBox. I like the way that the site can be customized with your company name and logo. It goes a long way with customers.

Support from Engineering

No matter what level of cloud storage your business needs, you deserve a support team that cares. Caring starts with the ease of access to knowledgeable support staff.

Dropbox support got a 65% rating from cloudwards.net. Why settle for mediocre support from Dropbox when you could have world-class support from ExaVault?

At ExaVault, we believe that everyone on the team should support our customers. If you need help, we're here – our engineering staff can host a webinar and train you on the product or troubleshoot the most difficult problems.

Support at ExaVault has proven customer satisfaction, consistently receiving 5 star reviews on TrustPilot. Again and again, customers comment on the service they receive from real people and that includes direct contact with engineers for FTP & SFTP and other technical issues. Dropbox vs. ExaVault - Dropbox drops the ball on business support.

Excellent cloud service provider ... As the head of IT for my company I have dealt with many cloud service providers and ExaVault is up there with the very best. Over the 8 years of my direct experience, their service has been reliable and continually evolving/improving. They go about their business with quiet efficiency and provide good communications about enhancements and service schedules. Support communications are fast, efficient and attentive and I have always felt that I am dealing with real humans, not corporate robots.

What Makes ExaVault the Best Dropbox Alternative?

Versus Dropbox, ExaVault is more than secure online cloud storage and file sharing. ExaVault provides a powerful yet easy to use interface designed for business. We include all features with all our plans making the only decision how much storage you need. Here’s what makes ExaVault stand out:

  • No per-user cost, so scaling your account is easy.
  • Custom Branding including logo, email, colors, and more.
  • Support from an actual engineering team.
ExaVault is FTP Evolved.

Are You Ready to Set up Your Business Cloud Storage Account?

If your business has been looking for a long term file sharing service with intuitive features and support, you need to consider a Dropbox alternative like ExaVault.

File sharing with Dropbox can be easy enough but lacks the advanced features that businesses need. Navigating their many product layers can be confusing, and you have to pay your way into them just to try. ExaVault gives you access to all our features so you can use what’s right for your business without feeling nickel and dimed.

Getting Dropbox engineering support for your team when it’s critical can be tricky, when you could get direct engineering support from ExaVault 24/7.

Along with excellent technical and customer support, ExaVault also provides unlimited users. There’s nothing worse than swallowing another increased user tier cost with Dropbox that you didn’t budget for. By using ExaVault, you can add every customer, colleague and contractor you need to do business without worrying about the cost of scaling.

Companies that use and trust ExaVault

  • Alamo Drafthouse
  • True Value
  • Chevron
  • Clorox
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