Dropbox vs. ExaVault

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Dropbox vs. ExaVault

Both Dropbox file sharing services and ExaVault FTP servers have been around since 2007. Great news for those who want to share their files through committed companies that have proven to know their business - the business of sharing and transferring files.

While both companies offer business-oriented features, Dropbox has an ongoing list of new products like Dropbox Paper, Dropbox Professional and Dropbox Showcase. All these Dropbox alternatives for business can be a headache to understand in order to make the right choices for your company. It can become Dropbox vs. Dropbox instead of focusing on what features you really need.

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ExaVault offers accounts with different levels of storage space from 100GB Business Pro account to Enterprise FTP accounts. No add on products, get all the features plus the file storage you need. ExaVault has an easy to navigate interface designed for business with functionality over frills. The simple layout makes it easy for you to find all the right features and functions for a smooth file sharing experience no matter what level account you have.

Their Old Billing Model vs. Our No Per-User Cost

Businesses often have different needs, like the ability to increase the number of users without incurring extra cost every time they want to add someone to the account. For a Business Pro account, Dropbox pricing comes in at $60/month for up to 3 users. Dropbox vs. additional users = additional $$.

Dropbox starts at $12.50 per user, going up to $20 per user. ExaVault includes unlimited users with no per-user cost.

With an ExaVault cloud FTP account, there is NO per-user cost and no user limits. Create as many users as you need with no additional cost. This includes the option for a unique password, custom account permissions, and even SSH key logins for each user. Get more users and save money with ExaVault vs. Dropbox pricing.

Custom Branded File Sharing For Business

Customizing files with a company logo and other branding can be key for many businesses. With Dropbox, you can put your logo on the account, and that's it for their custom branding options.

Don’t get caught choosing Dropbox vs your business when it comes to custom branding and the look of your file sharing account.

ExaVault lets you protect your brand with custom branded file sharing for business. Use your logo and URL throughout, including on shared folders and notification emails. You can even set the color theme.

ExaVault can be branded with your colors, logo and URL.
Great service for file sharing! I really like Exavault, when pointing customers to get files, it is so much more professional and easy to use than DropBox. I like the way that the site can be customized with your company name and logo. It goes a long way with customers.

Rockstar FTP Engineering Support

No matter what level of FTP online or cloud storage your business needs, you deserve a support team that cares. Caring starts with the ease of access to knowledgeable support staff.

Dropbox support got 65% rating from cloudwards.net. Why get decent support when you can get Rockstar support? Dropbox support for file sharing and cloud storage issues is primarily their online community forums. Rating customer satisfaction through forums is hard.

Email is a support option with your Dropbox account. For the Advanced Business file sharing account, email has a 24 business hour response time, and it’s your guess who’s actually answering those emails.

Excellent cloud service provider ... As the head of IT for my company I have dealt with many cloud service providers and ExaVault is up there with the very best. Over the 8 years of my direct experience, their service has been reliable and continually evolving/improving. They go about their business with quiet efficiency and provide good communications about enhancements and service schedules. Support communications are fast, efficient and attentive and I have always felt that I am dealing with real humans, not corporate robots.

Rockstar S/FTP Engineer Support!

Support at ExaVault has proven customer satisfaction, consistently receiving 5 star reviews on TrustPilot. Again and again, customers comment on the service they receive from real people and that includes direct contact with engineers for FTP / SFTP and other technical issues. Dropbox vs. ExaVault - Dropbox drops the ball with no FTP protocol support.

What Makes ExaVault the Best Dropbox Alternative

Vs. Dropbox, ExaVault is more than online cloud storage and file sharing. ExaVault provides direct FTP and SFTP access for large file transfers, plus web-based file management. ExaVault offers flexible services to suit your company's needs including:

  • SFTP and FTPS connections
  • Limited access by IP address
  • SSH keys for logins

and Enterprise-grade security with the engineers to support it.

ExaVault is FTP Evolved

Are you ready to set up your business cloud storage account?

Do you think online FTP storage requires a lengthy process of logging in, creating each user and installing FTP software multiple places? ExaVault has one step - once you're signed up, your file management account is up and running with hosted FTP. Ready to send large files with speed and ease, plus peace of mind for anything that comes up.

Setup for Dropbox vs ExaVault is similar, but without the backing of a secure hosted FTP server. Become one of the outstanding customers that trusts ExaVault for FTP hosting, online storage, and secure file transfer.

Searching for alternatives to Dropbox that offer secure FTP SSL transfers, no user limits, business-minded online FTP hosting and rockstar engineering support - ExaVault is the answer you are looking for.

Companies that use and trust ExaVault

  • Alamo Drafthouse
  • True Value
  • Chevron
  • Godfathers Pizza
  • Clorox
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