Integrate File Transfer with Our RESTful API Suite

Let us do the heavy lifting on file transfers while you control everything else from your software.
Our RESTful API lets you control and automate everything on your account -- create new users, transfer files, pull activity logs, and more. Use our webhooks to get programatic notifications of changes. Transfer files with our web or FTP connections, and orchestrate it all with our API.
"data": [
  "id": 1,
"integration_type": "fast",
  "attributes": {
   "hash": "ec4aa9a91",
   "name": "examplefolder",
     "coverage": "complete"
 "extension": ".zip",          
 "type": "file",
"languages": ["python", "C#", 
        "php", "java",
        "node", ......
"path": "/examplefolder",
 "previewable": true,
Integrate Quickly

Leverage our code libraries to get routine activities up and running. Make your first call in minutes.

Full Functionality Coverage

We use our own API internally, so anything that can be done via our web UI can be done via our API.

Use Your Language

JSON-based APIs let you use your preferred language: Javascript, PHP, Java, and more.

Under the Hood

"relationships": {

"open_standards": true,

  "notification": {

 "id": 2,

 "type": "notification"


"integration_overhead": "low",

 "parentResource": {

 "id": 2,

 "type": "resource"


"performance": "high",

   "ownerAccount": {

   "type": "string",

   "id": 0,


   "engineering_support": "enabled" 



Build on Open Standards

ExaVault's v2 API suite is built on the popular open-source JSON:API standard, and fully documented using Swagger's OpenAPI v3 specification. No matter what language you write code in, our APIs will work with it.

Write Less Code

We've created code libraries with sample code for common use cases, and built extensive documentation to make sure your integration is as quick and seamless as possible.

Performance You Can Depend On

Running transactions quickly is critical to the success of most file transfer workflows. With a median response time of less than 50ms, you'll be able to get what you need done without thinking twice.

Eliminate Integration Frustration

We provide direct access, via email, phone or Zoom, to our integration engineers to help you get up and running. These are the people that have built the API, written the documentation, and created the code samples.

Explore Our API Docs

From obtaining your API Key and Access Token to identifying resources and configuring webhooks. All the instructions and sample code is available.

Gears and files.

Ready to Get Started?

Create your API credentials today and start getting more out of your file transfer service.

Trusted By These Awesome Customers!

In our opinion, the best FTP server for API integration. It’s a fantastic server with an extreme easy to implement API. It was crucial for our business success the decision for starting to work with ExaVault!

- Abílio Magalhães, from Portugal

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