Today practically every business needs to share files. Let’s explore investing in a secure FTP hosted account that enables you to unburden your in-house PC or laptop and mobile devices by uploading everything off-site to a reliable cloud infrastructure. With a hosted FTP service like Exavault, you get many features that you don’t get with an in-house server. Our FTP hosting service includes unlimited file & folder transfer, activity notifications, unlimited users, granular file or folder access, secure protocol support and even custom branding. Or how about critical reporting on activity or managing the access of a user to files or folders. Traditional FTP services don’t always have this rich feature set come standard.

FTP hosting has everyday business applications to facilitate communications, collaboration, E-commerce data exchanges, operations, and most importantly critical file transfers with clients.

When choosing an online FTP hosting service, you should pay attention to:

FTP Bandwidth

If your business is transferring large or voluminous graphics, large files, and folders, and has a high amount of traffic or activity, you’re going to need decent bandwidth and disk space to facilitate sharing files with your team and customers. Exavault offers FTP hosting space with unlimited bandwidth in size tiers that suit your needs and make your life easier.

FTP Security

Being a crucial concern, choosing an FTP hosting provider without being informed about its available security features is a big mistake. When transferring files with ExaVault, you can use SFTP or FTP-SSL in addition to a standard FTP connection. By using a secure SFTP hosting service, the file transfer process is secured via an encrypted connection. All Exavault accounts can utilize secure connections at no additional cost.
Customer support. People that are new to FTP server hosting or FTP, in general, could always use some good advice, especially with some more advanced technical issues. Choosing a service with 24/7 support is critical. Having direct support from an engineer is like gold to a small business. At ExaVault, we’re proud to offer 24/7 support and direct support from one of our passionate engineers.

FTP Storage Upgrade Ability

Always be sure to leave some room for your business to grow. When the time comes, and you need to expand your S/FTP storage size, it can be a pain to upgrade with some hosting providers. With Exavault you can upgrade your current account storage quickly with a few easy clicks or by calling us or dropping us a note at support.

Web File Manager Access to your FTP

Traditionally, FTP servers have been accessed via desktop applications or command prompt software. It doesn’t work so well in today’s high paced work environment when companies and their customers need to share lots of big files and need to manage access to them. At Exavault we have a simple to use, secure and well-designed web application. And you’ll still have the option to access your FTP server directly using the desktop applications you’re already familiar with should you still need to.

Check out all Exavault features and start your free trial today.

If you’re running own business, you want to be sure everything is working like a Swiss watch. And the widespread belief that self-help is the best help often leads to doing things yourself and even considering deploying an FTP server yourself with internal resources. If this sounds like you and you’ve chosen to implement FTP, keep reading to learn about the differences between in-house FTP and hosted FTP alternatives.

FTP Budgeting

Be ready to start with the most important question: Do you have the extra budget to keep the in-house FTP infrastructure? Setting up your internal FTP server will eat a big part of your yearly operating budget. Server technology needs to be online 24/7, 365 days per year. Your electric bill will increase from having hardware always running, not just when you are at the office Monday - Friday from 9-5. That’s only the beginning of the expenses you should consider when hosting an FTP server internally. We’ve made a list of costs you should consider (prices are approximate):

  • $500 for a business class firewall to stop malicious attacks.

  • $200 to $1000/month for a dedicated business-class Internet access package; or data center space.

  • $2000 to invest in a good machine to be the primary FTP server, that would be enough to suit your business needs without a performance drop.

  • $500 for a UPS battery backup, which helps to run a server for a couple of hours in case of power failure. 

  • $100 per month for 1TB to keep storage backup system, using online clouds.

Well, the math is easy, minimum $3100 for hardware and services before you get to monthly fees for the Internet which range from $200 on up depending on your needs, variable electricity cost, and online backup storage fit to your needs. And, this list doesn’t account for keeping the server in a temperature controlled room. Because your FTP server will always be running and generating heat that can cause failures due to built up heat, particularly in the summertime. You’ll need to consider cooling depending on the server location and enclosure if there is one. If you have highly sensitive data on your FTP server, so should consider the security of the physical servers themselves.

In-house FTP Responsibility

When you start building your in-house FTP server, you become responsible for everything. Let’s repeat that critical point; you become responsible for EVERYTHING. You have to purchase the hardware, choose the operating system, map your software needs, configure, deploy, and hope that everything is working properly after your setup. All these things require a huge amount of time, effort, and technical skill. From time to time you’ll need to upgrade hardware to keep up with expanding business needs like more concurrent users, or resource requirements like purchasing new software.

With a hosted FTP solution, you are responsible for fixing any and all problems. As new bottlenecks and issues arise, you or your technical team have to make sure that everything on the server is running smoothly and updated. If you’ve decided to deploy internally, do you have a rescue plan when your FTP server goes down?
 Or what if your server gets hacked?

FTP server security is no laughing matter; any server can get hacked, even one managed by professionals. You won't be safeguarded against Dos and DDoS attacks without an adequate firewall and other security measures in your configuration. So you’ll need to account for the extra time you’ll need to devote internally towards the discovery of new threats and issues on your in-house FTP server.

Hosted FTP Alternative

Of course, your business can run its physical FTP server, but nowadays the majority will have neither the adequate budget nor the internal knowledge to do this successfully on their own. Don’t take on this headache if you don’t have to; you can choose an alternative like a hosted FTP service such as ExaVault. With it, you can replace your expensive to maintain in-house FTP server infrastructure with a secure managed service with highly professional support.

Benefits of using ExaVault’s hosted FTP service:

  • You don’t have to purchase any equipment or server infrastructure.

  • You don’t need to keep a primary server and backup server, along with other hardware incurring utility costs.

  • You don’t need to employ technical staff with staff salaries.

  • You don’t need to spend time discovering issues and maintaining your server.

  • You don’t worry about security issues and the resolution, someone else is on it.

  • You have the instant use of well-designed tools, built to support and manage your workflow.

  • You have a support team to call when something goes wrong, or you just need help figuring out the correct permissions in admin.

Running your FTP needs with ExaVault unburdens you from complicated IT processes that spend your time, money, and human resources. Go to ExaVault's hosted FTP page and start your free trial today. You work on your business, and we’ll work on your FTP needs.


Technology is developing at a fervent pace these days and keeping current means the difference between edging out your competitors and being edged out yourself. If it hasn't already, the day will come when you'll be sending a project folder to your client via Gmail and get prompted with “Large files must be shared with Google Drive” before you can proceed. You'll sit back and ask yourself “Has my business outgrown Google Drive?”.

Keep reading and see the alternative to Google Drive for business file transferring with features that you may not have thought about, or may have thought weren't within reach of your business at a price you could afford.

Hosted S/FTP VS Cloud

At first glance, both Exavault and Google Drive are file storage solutions, with one being a hosted S/FTP service, another is a Cloud service. A cloud is a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet aka the Cloud and is pretty common lingo these days so you may be familiar with it. The primary purpose being file storage, shared access, security, and collaborative editing. Cloud solutions like Drive are great options for teams and small businesses with low needs. A hosted S/FTP service may sound a little more foreign as it's borne out of FTP or File Transfer Protocol, connecting clients to host computers or servers. ExaVault’s hosted S/FTP service is a hybrid model including the benefits of the cloud with the often rich business use features you get with FTP facilitating the file exchange.

So today the hosted S/FTP model looks like this:

  • You don't need to tie up your own technical staff.
  • You don’t have to worry about physical network and server infrastructure.
  • You have the instant use of well-designed tools, built to support your workflow.
  • You never have to worry about space or capacity planning again.
  • You can let the professionals handle the security on somebody else's payroll.
  • You don't have to worry about bandwidth or file size restrictions for file uploads.

Making client meetings happen

A lot of businesses prefer working with web tools today. Even creatives like web designers and photographers prefer not to spend time on uploading proofs or endless Gigabytes of photos onto flash drives just to meet with their clients. It's extra steps, time lost, and time is money. Furthermore, it's just not how they want to be spending their time. With Google drive you can definitely share files with your client before you meet with them, but what happens if you are running behind schedule with getting files to them for review? You could be stuck another hour uploading them to drive or some other cloud solution. With ExaVault powered by S/FTP you can send those files quickly with enough time to stop for coffee on your way to meet with them. And they'll have the files in time before your meeting making it more productive for both parties.

Secure Unlimited File Sharing

Cloud solutions let you share files, and you can share out links to many people with Drive. But do you need to control permissions for the files you shared? ExaVault's hybrid hosted S/FTP lets you have unlimited users meaning you can control who has access to what and for how long. Plus you don't have to worry about bumping into the next price tier just because you have more clients or teammates to do business with chipping away at your bottom line.

Often with cloud solutions, there is no guarantee your business files will survive a downtime event. Such risks are non-issues at Exavault with our hybrid hosted S/FTP service. It has a physical infrastructure in a secure datacenter, giving the ExaVault team total control over the network. The Exavault team is working every day on monitoring, maintaining, and improving the security of this infrastructure and ultimately your files.

World Class Support

Tap “Help” in Google and you'll be presented FAQ section, and then you’ll get to the contacts. Exavault first gives contact options and then FAQs should you want to explore information yourself. But that's not it; our support team will fix your problem and make a ticket in your Client Area so that you can see the status of the solution process. You're running a business, don't spend your time in FAQs when you need to get back to making money.

Google Drive for teams, Exavault for businesses

Drive is a great place to maintain internal files and team documentation. All team members have access to them, can work with them collaboratively online, share them or create new ones. Having an Exavault account means you can do that too, but you can also present external clients with your brand or business when exchanging files. Your clients can download or upload files from a page with your logo, name, and identity. Your clients won't be off-put by a third party page because it looks like your website. On top of that Exavault has a built-in notification and monitoring system. You can send files configured with password and notification options to be sure the files were downloaded, allowing you to know to follow up on next steps. The ExaVault dashboard allows you full view of all the actions of your business online with robust logging including IP sources. Your business account can add an unlimited amount of users so that you can work on Exavault with your whole team and all your clients. Our S/FTP access works with popular software you already know: FileZilla, Cyberduck, WS_FTP. Moreover, you can make your own “ecosystem” using features for developers, if you have ones with our rich API.

In closing

So back to the question, “Has my business outgrown Google Drive?”. We don’t advise against Google Drive, it is a cool product that meets the needs for low needs teams. With ExaVault's hybrid hosted S/FTP service your team can get to scale as a business with unlimited clients and teammates managed securely by someone else who makes it look like you, so you can get back to business. 

For the last three years, we’ve been working behind the scenes to build the next generation of our ExaVault Core infrastructure which powers our best in class file transfer platform. And now it’s about to get even better with more power to run your business. It’s almost ready, and we want you to be the first to know!

This fall, we’re going to be transitioning all of our accounts (including yours!) to the new ExaVault Core infrastructure. We’ve completely rebuilt from the ground up, and with the migration, you'll immediately experience faster SWFT web portal speeds and exponentially faster file search, especially on large accounts.

Behind the scenes, you’ll also get additional data protection, as our new infrastructure is fully redundant from top to bottom, with real-time automatic failover should we experience a hardware or software issue. And backups to our secondary data center will now be done in near real-time.

The big news, though, is that this is just the start. The new ExaVault Core infrastructure will enable us to easily build some long-requested features. Next up on our development plate: the ability to recover deleted files. For our security fans, we'll also be implementing encryption-at-rest for file storage. Look for these developments in the coming months.

Want the new capabilities now? After extensive internal testing, we're ready to bring our first customers online. If you'd like to be an early adopter and get access to the performance improvements right away, we're scheduling accounts now for early migration. Initial account migrations will start in mid-September. Contact us at to sign up as an early adopter.

If you don't sign up as an early adopter, we'll be contacting you soon with a migration date for your account. The migration process will run through the fall.

As always, thank you for being an ExaVault customer. We appreciate you and your business, and we'll continue bringing you an even better ExaVault experience.

Here in the US, we’re in the middle of summer. The days are long and hot, but we’ll keep this email short and cool so you can have more time to make use of the extra daylight.

New Website, Better Resources

You may have noticed our website changed in the past month. We’ve made it responsive, so it’ll work on your phones and tablets, but more exciting are the updates we’ve made to our documentation resources for you. First off, let’s take a look at our Support section.

One of our goals with the new website was to make sure that the support on our website was as good as our support staff. We went through all of our help topics page by page and restructured them so you can find your information faster. We also reworded everything that might have been confusing to make it as easy to get the help you need as possible.

If you are you looking for a user manual to pass along to your staff, you can point them here.

Support Section

As a reminder, you can also search our extensive support section, so you can find exactly what you need without having to dig around.

Getting Started, Now With Videos

Another thing we’ve done is created new resources for onboarding users. We know that some folks don’t want to read a manual, but would rather put their feet up and watch a quick video to help them learn. To that end, we’ve made three intro videos for your new users.

ExaVault welcome videos.

The first one reviews general features from uploading to sharing, the second covers user permissions and FTP, and the third shows account settings and rebranding for account administrators. You can find the videos here.

Developers, Developers, Developers

As part of the new website, we’ve also massively upgraded our developer resources. Along with a new coat of paint, you can now search our developer documentation and see an outline of content, including sample API responses.

Developer Section

As with the support section, we added more content and made sure everything was up to date. If you are yourself a developer, or have a developer on your staff, make sure to take a look at our developer section to see how you can deeply integrate ExaVault into your company’s workflow. You can find that here.