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"We have used (extensively) every file sharing, file drop, archiving, FTP replacement on the market and have never been completely satisfied with the combination of features, interface, or pricing of competitive products until we discovered ExaVault."

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    Best for small businesses manually managing FTP transfers or web sharing.   Best for businesses looking to add automation to business critical file sharing.   Best for businesses working with high volume file transfers.   Best for larger companies that are looking for a partner to support large file transfer operations.
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File Storage 100 GB   500 GB   1 TB   1 TB
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Direct FTP/SFTP Access Included   Included   Included   Included
Daily Transactions 60,000   120,000   480,000   2,000,000
Monthly Bandwidth 100GB   1TB   Unlimited   Unlimited
Phone, Email, and Live Chat Included   Included   Included   Included
Sharing Included   Included   Included   Included
Automation Included   Included   Included   Included
Branding Not Included   Included   Included   Included
Advanced Controls Not Included   Included   Included   Included
Contracting Not Included   Not Included   Not Included   Included
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Why ExaVault File Sending & Receiving?

Meet Some Of The Team

We're REAL people, just like you!

Elizabeth. She makes our customers glad to be customers.

Elizabeth Langill

Client Services Manager

PNW Nature Guide

"I always enjoy hearing about how people are fitting ExaVault into their workflows. Our creativity as a company gets sparked helping real people solve real problems."

David. Did we metion how much he likes planes and plane deals? You should ask him about it sometime.

David Ordal


He REALLY Likes Planes

"I founded ExaVault to meet my own needs — a simple, easy way to transfer files that offered both open standards like SFTP and a great, easy interface. It has exceeded my wildest expectations — with thousands businesses in over 100 countries now using the service daily."

Our Origin Story & Product Roadmap

Young, brash and full of ideas!
ExaVault Founded
Getting established means wearing a tie, sometimes.
Launch Web App
The beard didn't happen, which is a shame.
Processing 100K txn/hr
Glasses mean you're even smarter, right?
Launch Core Architecture

ExaVault was launched in 2009 as a next generation file transfer service providing both modern capabilities along with FTP and Secure FTP. Today we have clients in over 100 countries and continue to provide businesses with file sharing features that meet their needs.

We have recently updated our ExaVault core platform which is fully redundant and geographically distributed to increase our capabilities while keeping your data as secure as we always have. We look forward to continuing to provide top rated FTP and file sharing services for businesses and industries around the world.

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