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Today’s photographers need to access images, securely share photos online and upload fresh pictures from a shoot. All before moving on to the next location. ExaVault FTP storage for photography and videography lets you upload, download and send large files full of images and video from practically anywhere.

With our cloud storage and online image hosting, you can access the file preview for your images and upload new content directly to your ExaVault account.

Plenty of storage, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited users. Let the world see your visual masterpieces on your terms.

Why ExaVault for Photography & Videography?

File Sharing with Clients + Notifications

Get notified when photos are uploaded / downloaded. Learn More »

Any Device, Any Platform

Cloud storage for photographers. Learn More »

Website Integration

Share photos & video online with clients from your URL. Learn More »

Cloud Storage & Image Hosting

Our FTP service can accept files of up to 4TB. Learn More »

No Shared Bandwidth = Fast Transfers

Upload and download as many files as you'd like with S/FTP. Learn More »

Features You Definitely Need and Will Love

Custom Branding

Customize photo shares with your name, logo and URL. Learn More »

Send Large Files

Simple, secure and fast way to share all your photos & video. Learn More »

Easy Web Interface

Works with any desktop, tablet, or mobile web browser. Learn More »

Unlimited Users

Access for everyone working on your video project. Learn More »

File Preview

Preview hosted images without downloading. Learn More »

Online Photo Sharing

ExaVault is more than just secure hosted FTP and file sharing. Custom branding gives your shared image files the look and feel of dealing only with a professional photographer. Our website integration provides added value for photographers and videographers. Embed a full file sharing interface into your website. Allow clients to upload files or download files and images you want them to see. This feature is the perfect way to review photos and video and get feedback faster than ever.

Faster photo sharing and secure online image hosting with ExaVault. We’re here to meet the needs of today’s digital storage for photographers.

Companies that use and trust ExaVault

  • Alamo Drafthouse
  • True Value
  • Chevron
  • Godfathers Pizza
  • Clorox
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