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Cloud FTP

Connect students, faculty, and staff with ExaVault FTP services. Get secure file storage and SFTP to access your files anywhere, anytime via desktop or mobile device. Create a shared folder that gives other users access to download or upload from your account. Files sync across platforms for online collaboration on coursework and group projects.

Flexible permissions let you control who can access what folders and for how long, whether it’s a semester or several years.

Store what you need to for higher education: course docs, presentations, videos, and PDFs. Our web file manager makes file sharing and sending large files easy as 1-2-3. Find the file you need quickly with integrated search in our web file manager so everyone can stay on schedule.

For student assignments and faculty work, embed our customizable upload form directly into your website - you can even customize the form. Students and faculty can upload files and projects directly on the school’s site, and you’ll be notified when the upload is complete!

Why ExaVault for Education?

Store What You Need To

Course docs, presentations, pdfs. Our FTP servers support massive files – up to 4TB. Learn More »

Comprehensive File Management

All the features you need to send, receive and collaborate. Learn More »

Rockstar Engineering Support

Get in touch with our crazy smart and committed engineers. Learn More »

Enterprise Grade Security

Data security is our priority, from firewalls to audit & control. Learn More »

World Class Infrastructure

Bulletproof security and 100% ExaVault-owned hardware. Learn More »

Features You Definitely Need and Will Love

Unlimited Users

No cost per user pricing is ideal for education. Learn More »

Easy Web File Manager

Drag and Drop, file preview and share large files all in one place. Learn More »

Flexible User Permissions

You have control over what files your users can access. Learn More »

Comprehensive Monitoring

We give our activity logs an A+ when monitoring your file shares. Learn More »

Custom Branding

Let your university shine with custom branding built right in. Learn More »

Secure File Transfers Across Campus

We maintain the security of all your files and folders, plus do all the maintenance for our FTP server so you can securely access what you need when you need it. Saves you time and money.

Data security doesn’t stop there. We offer adjustable security policies to suit the needs of higher education. Complex passwords, SFTP connections, limited access by IP, and granular permissions for users.

ExaVault is Best for Education. Send large files with secure hosted FTP. Enterprise-grade security with rockstar engineer support. Web-based file management and custom branding solutions on all your shared files give focus to your educational institution not our file sharing service. Your school name, logo, colors, and URL, plus customize your emails. It’s FTP Evolved for education.

Companies that use and trust ExaVault

  • Alamo Drafthouse
  • True Value
  • Chevron
  • Godfathers Pizza
  • Clorox
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