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Mobile collaboration on file shares and blueprints with an easy to manage web-based interface. Sharing large files like Sketchup or CAD files keeps your project on target with ExaVault FTP solutions for architecture and engineering.

Improve on-site productivity for architecture and construction projects with access to your files and folders from any device. We make file sharing hassle free from upload to download. All files, folders, and blueprints are managed in one place. Set up your FTP storage with granular user permissions and no matter how many users you have, only those with access can upload or preview the specified files. Know what clients and partners are doing as they work with your files.

Get real-time notifications for all file shares, so you know when files have been viewed or downloaded. Notifications allow you to keep track of projects even on the go. With robust logging and statistics, engineers and architect leads can analyze account activity. View graphs and charts or filter and get the details you need.

Why ExaVault for Architecture & Engineering?

CAD/CAM File Sharing

Send large files quickly and securely with SFTP. Learn More »

Mobile Collaboration for Engineers

Share files from any device & keep projects moving forward. Learn More »

Rockstar Support

Knowledgable answers to your FTP and file sharing questions. Learn More »

Focus on Projects not I.T. Costs

Reduce I.T. costs by letting ExaVault host & maintain the FTP server. Learn More »

Features You Definitely Need and Will Love

Unlimited Users & File Transfers

No per user cost - build the team you need for each project. Learn More »

Direct Web Links

Make files directly available for downloading via a web browser. Learn More »

RESTful API Integration

Our API gives you more control. Uploading, downloading and managing shares. Learn More »

Custom Branding

Share files, blueprints and quotes with your logo. Learn More »

Build a Better Business With Custom Branded File Share

Share files, quotes and design details with your logo. Custom branding of your FTP account includes name, logo, colors, email, and URL. And with direct web links, clients can directly download large files via a web browser.

It’s FTP evolved for today’s businesses. ExaVault has enterprise-grade security to protect all your documents. You worry about building safe buildings, we’ll worry about keeping all your file transfers secure.

Companies that use and trust ExaVault

  • Alamo Drafthouse
  • True Value
  • Chevron
  • Godfathers Pizza
  • Clorox
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