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FTP Meets a Modern Web Interface

Traditionally, FTP servers, or FTP Sites, have been accessed via desktop or command line software. This type of access works well for many tasks but falls short when companies, their employees and their clients need to easily share files with one another or manage access.

ExaVault has created solutions to these problems with a simple to use, secure and beautifully designed web application called SWFT – which stands for Simple Web File Transfer. FTP and its proven advantages can now be effectively used as a web-based software service for companies worldwide.

Web FTP from ExaVault
Screenshot that shows sharing, notifications and other advanced features with ExaVault.

The advantages of Web FTP

Companies looking to increase the efficiency of existing workflows that include the use of FTP can count on an innovative web-based tool as a way to share, receive, manage and track files with a turnkey solution.

Web FTP allows simple yet powerful sharing of files via a browser by leveraging the secure https protocol. File transfer and file sharing using this method is a natural evolution over what has traditionally been available to those who rely on FTP as an important part of their workflow.

White Labeling and Custom Branding

Unlike traditional FTP, web FTP is fully brandable; you can add your logo to your site, and access it via your own URL…e.g. webftp.mycompany.com. You’ll also get extremely flexible user management, as well as fully integrated reporting that works across both your web and traditional FTP.

Connect via Web FTP as well as traditional FTP

Web-based FTP adds an important connection option for many who know and love FTP for its reliability, security and proven utility. ExaVault’s service provides a full-featured web FTP solution – but also gives you the option to directly access your FTP server via the popular desktop software you already know and trust. You no longer have to choose between a ‘modern’ web-based solution and a solution that has already served them well for years. Now you have the option to take advantage of both types of file management, in one highly customizable solution that is cost effective and easy to use.

ExaVault does Web FTP for business right

At ExaVault we recognize the importance of accessing important data the way you need to. For many businesses FTP has been a tried and true part of doing business for many years. We have taken all the features that have made FTP one of the most popular file transfer protocols available and brought it to the browser in a way that is simple, beautiful and fully integrated. The re-branding, reporting and user management options we offer make the ExaVault web FTP solution an easy choice for business.

Get Web File Manager Free For 30 Days