FTP Hosting

FTP Hosting delivers the best of two worlds: a secure, affordable FTP storage solution, and sophisticated web-based tools that simplify your daily file management tasks.

Managed FTP storage

It will come as no surprise that managing your own servers and network infrastructure for FTP hosting is a time consuming and expensive endeavor. When you go with ExaVault's hosted option, network security, server space management, repairs and maintenance are no longer your concern. You can focus on your business needs and securely share files and data with your team and clients seamlessly.

Fully managed FTP hosting

Tools designed for your workflow

Avoiding management headaches is only the beginning. Standard FTP is fairly 'plain vanilla'… you get just a place to upload and download files. With ExaVault's FTP hosting, you get that, plus a layer of integrated web-based tools which greatly simplify your FTP workflow.

SWFT web interface

Our secure SWFT web interface offers a number of features that go beyond 'plain vanilla' FTP:

  • advanced drag & drop file management
  • comprehensive user management
  • easy email-based sharing & sending features
  • file/folder change notifications
  • account branding
  • …and much more

As you can see, we have most everything you could want to do covered right out of the gate.

Legacy systems integration

However, that’s just a start. We have also opened up our API, giving clients that want to build their own custom applications that interact with our service access to the same methods that we use.

You can integrate both new and legacy applications via either standard FTP/FTPS/SFTP, or via our powerful API

The sky’s the limit now when it comes to making sure your FTP hosting solution fits your needs.

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