FTP Space

Space is just the beginning. ExaVault's FTP service also gives you a rich set of features to help you manage your files and data.

When looking for FTP space, you'll want to find something that provides a large amount of space for low cost, but also includes great additional features that let you easily manage your space and your business.

ExaVault great, cost effective FTP space, and includes a number of helpful additional features at no extra cost:

  • simple ways to send and receive files
  • your own branding
  • user and permissions management
  • stats on activity in your account

Sending and receiving files

Sharing files should be a seamless and effortless process. You should be able to add files and folders to your account quickly, and share them with anyone in a couple clicks. ExaVault's FTP space makes this easy — upload or download files via FTP or our web interface, and then just hit the 'share' button to get them to friends or colleagues.

Share and receive files

You can also receive files to your account, setup activity notifications, and get delivery receipts.


If you're using your FTP space to interface with clients, you want your brand — not ours — front and center. ExaVault allows you to use your own logo, company name, and theme on the tools that your clients will use. You can even setup your own URL - ftp.mycompany.com - if you want.

Users and permissions

Flexible user and permission groups allow you to keep private client data private — restricting access to only the people that need it.

ExaVault offers a comprehensive permissions model which allows you to setup as many users as you want, and restrict access to upload-only or download-only.

Manage users and permissions

Activity and statistics

Bandwidth and disk/account usage graphs are extremely invaluable tools for many businesses. ExaVault offers comprehensive activity logging and notifications which allow you to see who was doing what, and when. Logs can be analyzed in the app, or exported to Excel for further analysis.

ExaVault provides all of the features listed above and many more. To find out if it’s the right option for you just sign up for a free trial now.

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