FTP Storage

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It’s All About Storage

Keeping your files safe and secure is our bread and butter. While we work day in and day out on simpler and more productive ways for you to store your files, at the end of the day we understand that your files come first. That's why we've built out world-class infrastructure.

Cost Effective

Cost is always going to be a factor. While the cost of very simple backup solutions is constantly dropping, the value of certain business features can’t be overlooked. ExaVault offers highly reliable, flexible and low cost data storage. Take a look at our FTP storage pricing to find out more.

Connecting Securely

Now more than even, your cloud storage provider needs to be hyper-secure. Your data is your company's lifeblood, after all. This is why we allow connections and file transfers via FTPS, SFTP or HTTPS in addition to the FTP protocol.

There are many approaches to cloud file storage, but if you're looking for FTP specifically, you'll need more than a standard Dropbox account. ExaVault's modern storage accounts give you lots of raw FTP space, but go beyond the file transfer basics with features such as easy user management, file activity notifications and a flexible permissions system.

FTP Compatibility

Because we fully support industry standard FTP, FTPS and SFTP, we're fully compatible with thousands of client software packages, including FileZilla, Transmit, CuteFTP and WSFTP. We also support major enterprise file transfer packages, such as Direct FTP.

Your Brand. Your Name

Our FTP storage space is fully brandable, meaning you can put your name, your logo, and your own URL on your account. Your clients will access your ExaVault account has ftp.mycompany.com, not mycompany.exavault.com.

Beyond FTP

FTP is just the beginning. Every account also includes a suite of modern web-based tools that seamlessly integrate with your FTP storage space. You can easily:

Get a fully integrated service that easily fits into your existing workflow.

Get FTP Storage Free For 30 Days