FTP Storage

ExaVault's FTP storage offers lots of low-cost FTP storage space along with great business-oriented features that allow you to share, transfer and manage files.

There are many approaches to cloud file storage, but if you're looking for FTP storage specifically, you'll want more than a standard Dropbox account. An FTP storage account should give you lots of FTP space, but should also add-on additional features such as easy user management, file activity notifications and a flexible permissions system.

It’s still about storage

First and foremost, you have to think about storage. What makes ExaVault better than other options that are out there? Here are a few key things to consider:

  • cost effectiveness
  • data redundancy
  • security

Cost effective options

Cost is always going to be a factor. While the cost of very simple backup solutions is constantly dropping, the value of certain business oriented features can’t be overlooked. ExaVault offers highly reliable, flexible and yet low cost FTP storage. Take a look at our pricing page to find out more.

Data redundancy

An FTP storage option should always provide redundant data storage to ensure that your files are safe. Many companies that advertise cloud storage are not really ensuring the safety of your data beyond some very basic precautions.

In comparison ExaVault uses a “double redundant” system for storage, and additionally employs server and network infrastructure failover techniques to ensure that you can always access your data and know that it is safe.

Server infrastructure

Connecting securely

As we discussed in our SFTP service article, FTP itself as a protocol is not necessarily a secure way to connect and transfer data. However, any FTP storage solution worth its salt should offer secure connection options. At ExaVault we allow connections and file transfers via FTPS, SFTP or HTTPS in addition to FTP.

Beyond FTP

FTP is just the beginning. Every account also includes a suite of modern web-based tools that seamlessly integrate with your FTP storage space. You can easily:

Plus, your customers and clients get a fully branded experience when sending and receiving files. You get a fully integrated service that easily fits into your existing workflow.

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