SFTP Service

ExaVault's SFTP service gives you all of the benefits of our world-class FTP service, but with the added security of Secure FTP (SFTP).

We’ve already talked about the benefits ExaVault's FTP service provides: namely freeing up your technical resources, removing the need for server and network infrastructure, and giving you instant access easy-to-use tools. SFTP (Secure FTP) offers an additional layer of security, encrypting your files in-transit. All of ExaVault's FTP services include SFTP at no additional cost.

What is SFTP?

FTP itself is often regarded as lacking in security, because both files and commands are sent 'in the clear', so somebody with access to your network might be able to read your files.

SFTP adds a strong layer of encryption to both data and commands, so a hacker intercepting your network can't read your files or see your login and password. ExaVault uses only 2048-bit and higher encryption keys, giving you the strongest level of security.

Differences between FTP & SFTP

Whereas FTP is its own protocol SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) is a network protocol allowing for file transfer and management designed to work as an extension of SSH which provides the secure connection. Unlike FTP, SSH encrypts both the commands that are sent and the transferred data. The bottom line is that while FTP and SFTP may seem similar in functionality, they are not directly related technologies.

Beyond SFTP

Security and account control go well beyond choice of protocol (FTP vs. SFTP) when it comes to the day to day needs of the average business. Our SFTP service includes a number of other high security features, including:

  • The ability to enforce complex passwords
  • File shares which expire after a certain period of time
  • A 'secure-only' mode, which forces connections at the highest level of security

If you need secure data transfer, please give us a try.

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