Unlimited users for unlimited flexibility.

Create as many users as you need. Each can have a unique password, custom account permissions and optional SSH key (passwordless) logins.

User details are easy to find and sort.
Permissions of each user are readily seen and easy to update.
Updating or deleting a user is just a few clicks.
Screenshot that shows the interface to edit a user.

Simple user management.

Creating a user will allow access to an account with a dedicated username and password.  Users can be restricted to accessing a single folder, also known as a user's home directory, or can be given access to everything as an administrator.

Setup custom user permissions.

Setting a user's restrictions is as simple as an on/off toggle.  User access can be restricted to allow any combination of sharing, sending, uploading, downloading, deleting, modifying files/folders and more.

You can also set a custom expiration date on a user's account, so it will be deactivated after a certain period of time.

Screenshot that shows how easy it is to adjust users permissions

Custom welcome emails.

When you setup new users, you can create a custom welcome email for each of them, welcoming them to your account. This gives you workflow flexibility, allowing you to instruct your users on what steps they should take after they login.

Password-less logins with SSH.

You can optionally setup SSH keys to let a user account automatically login to your account without having to enter a password. This is particularly useful for automated jobs or processes, which need to connect to your account on a regular basis.

Please note that not all plans include unlimited users. See our Pricing Page for details.