Customize users to fit your needs.  Your work-flow.

Create users with unique account permissions.  Managing users is simple.

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Users can be setup as an administrator or have custom permissions.  User accounts can access the account via the web interface and through FTP.

Simple user management.

Creating a user will allow access to an account with a dedicated username and password.  Users can be restricted to accessing a single folder, also known as a user's home directory, or can be given access to everything as an administrator.

Setup custom user restrictions.

Setting a user's restrictions is as simple as an on/off toggle.  User access can be restricted to allow any combination of sharing, sending, uploading, downloading, deleting, modifying files or folders and more.  Creating users is a great way to integrate with your existing work-flow.

Access to files and folders without a user account.

Accessing a shared folder does not require a user account. Shared folders can be open to the public or require a password to view.  Shared folders are a great way to share quickly with others.  Create a user if more in-depth account access is necessary.

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