The who, what and when of sharing across your account.

Sometimes you just need to see who a file was sent to, or if you invited a client to share a folder. It's all available at a glance.

Sort by timeline or type of sharing with ease.

At a glance information.

Sharing history gives you a full overview of all the sharing activity across your entire account. See when files & folders were shared and whom they were shared with.

Dive in for detail.

Click on any share to get the big picture. Who's been invited, what they've done (e.g. opened the share or downloaded a file), and more.

Notifications alert you of activity.

Adding notifications to a shared folder will send an email alert when there is activity in a shared folder, making it easy to know when a file has been uploaded, downloaded or edited by others.

Manage the future.

Controls on each share let you manage all the options: you can set or remove a password, even retroactively. You can force a share to expire after a certain date, and decide whether or not a recipent has to provide their email to view the share.