The who, what and when of sharing across your account.

Sometimes you just need to see who a file was sent to, or if you invited a client to share a folder. This is all available at a glance.

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Take the guess work out of figuring out what was shared and who it was shared with. Get instant visibility into the sharing across your account.

At a glance information.

Creating a shared folder lets you give others access to download from (and optionally upload to) a single folder in your account.   It's secure, quick and convenient.  You can add options like password protection and an expiration date with simple toggle switches.

See only what you need to.

We've built in a number of security options to keep your data safe. You can optionally add a password to a shared folder, set it to expire after a certain period of time or restrict it so that only a pre-approved list of people can access it.

Notifications alert you of activity.

Adding notifications to a shared folder will send an email alert when there is activity in a shared folder, making it easy to know when a file has been uploaded, downloaded or edited by others.

Share with just a link.

It's easy to quickly create a shareable link that gives your colleagues or clients access to a shared folder. Share it via instant message, email or any other way.

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