Securely send files.  Get notified when they're received.

Email is not secure and size limits on attachments can be very restrictive. Use ExaVault to reliably send files to anyone with an email address. Add a notification so you're informed the instant they're received.

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Securely sending files doesn't have to be a difficult guessing game. ExaVault helps you send any file, even large ones, to anyone with an email address.

Better than an email attachment.

We know that you often need to quickly get a file to someone. We've made sending files simple, like sending an email. Fill out the "to", "subject" and "note" fields, then hit Send. A link to download is instantly sent.

Setup email lists for faster distribution.

Often times you'll need to send files to a group of people. That's super simple with email lists, allowing you to group email addresses to use as a shortcut when sending files.

Receive files, too.

If your clients need to send you files, you can setup a folder and enable it to receive. It allows them to go to a special page where they can upload files and send you a quick message. Files are instantly dropped into your ExaVault account in the folder you specified.

Passwords. CCs. Delivery Receipts.

We offer a number of additional options when sending files. You can enable password protection, delivery receipts and carbon copy with the click of a toggle switch.

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