Your brand, not ours.

We know how important it is to protect your brand. You can customize our software to fit your look and feel.
Use your logo and your URL throughout, even on shared folders and notification emails.

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Fully re-brand the web application, including all email notifications sent to others.  Add your company name, logo and even use your own URL.

Add a company name and logo.

Your company name and logo will show up in key places including all emails, shared views and forward facing pages, ensuring your customers receive a fully branded experience.

Use your URL.

You can setup our product to work on your URL, e.g. instead of All you need to do is download an integration file and upload it to your site.

Not all plans support custom domains and logos. See our Pricing Page for details.

Choose a theme to match your look and feel.

Using one of our themes will allow you to change the overall look and feel of our software to match your brand. Even email sent to others will have your look. Each theme is designed to allow for easy logo integration and appeal.

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