World-Class Infrastructure

Unlike many storage companies, ExaVault physically owns and operates all of its infrastructure, giving us total control over our network and systems. Our primary datacenter is located in San Jose, CA, and is a world-class facility with redundant power, cooling, and four-factor biometric security access.

Bulletproof Security

Our physical infrastucture is in a secure datacenter building in San Jose, CA. The facility requires four-factor biometric authentation to physically access the servers. Additionally, we have best-in-class computer & network security policies, to protect your data from online attackers.

Redundant from Top to Bottom

Our network and server infrastructure is fully redundant, from our incoming network feeds all the way down to data on disk.

Industry Compliance

Our datacenter meets the highest standards for quality and security, ensuring your data is in good hands. Our facilities are SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant as well as ISO 27001 Certified.

SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant as well as ISO 27001 Certified
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All 10gig. All Juniper.

Our network is proudly all Juniper, from our core switches on down. We use 10gig connections at the edge, and 40gig on the backbone.

Backed by ZFS and GlusterFS

We use leading edge storage technology, including ZFS and GlusterFS, to keep your data safe and replicated between servers.

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