Monitoring File Transfers with WS_FTP

With WS_FTP, you'll never be left wondering what happened with a file transfer. WS_FTP offers a single window to keep you informed: the aptly named Information Window.

The Information Window appears just below the Local and Remote file panes. It contains two tools to keep you, well… informed:

  • The Connection Log tab
  • The Transfer Manager tab

The Connection Log Tab

The WS_FTP Connection log.

The Connection Log contains the details of the transactions between your computer and the ExaVault server. To access the Connection Log, click the Connection Log tab near the bot

The developers at Ipswitch have done a bang-up job at making sure that the connection logs are easy to read by normal people and computer geeks alike. Here are some actual examples:

Finding Host ...

220 ProFTPD 1.3.2 Server (EV) []

USER download

331 Password required for download

PASS (hidden)

530 Login incorrect.

Finding Host ...

Connecting to

Connected to, Waiting for Response

Trying authentication method: "password"

User Authenticated OK!

Opening remote file "/" for writing

Uploading local file "C:\ev\"

>transferred 5073460 bytes in 4.06 seconds, transfer succeeded.

Transfer request completed with status: Finished

If you are ever having trouble connecting, sending in a copy of the Connection Log is most helpful. It lists exactly what is going on.

The Transfer Manager Tab

The WS_FTP Transfer Manager and Properties windows.

The Transfer Manager Tab is the other tool in the Information that you'll want to understand when you use WS_FTP.

The Transfer Manager tab has one job: give you a view of active transfers. When you have an active transfer in progress, you'll see the status of each file being transferred. In addition, if you right-click on an entry in the Transfer Manager, and select Properties, you'll see all of the file transfer details in a convenient window.

More Monitoring Tools

The WS_FTP Connection wizard.

The Information Window is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what WS_FTP can offer you in the way of monitoring your file transfers. Other features worth exploring include:

  • Session Logging: WS_FTP can save a log of your entire session.
  • Email Notifications: WS_FTP can email you when a file has successfully transferred.

If you are using FTP scripting, then both of these features are worth exploring. Both are accessed in WS_FTP's Program Options window.

To open the Program Options window:

1. Click the Tools menu.

2. Select Options.

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