Upload-Only User Setup

ExaVault supports upload-only users. Upload-only users are used when you need multiple customers to send files to you using a single login – and you don't want one customer looking at another customer's files.

Please note that we only recommend using upload-only users if you need your clients to connect via FTP. If you want a simple link you can give to your clients so they can send you files, you should use a receive folder.

Creating an upload-only user.

To set up a upload-only user:

1. Log in to ExaVault file manager as the master account user or as an admin user.

2. Click the Users button on the toolbar.

3. Click the ADD NEW USER button.

In the new user window:

1. Enter the nickname, username, email and password for the user.

2. Click the PERMISSIONS tab.

3. Use the change link to assign a home directory for the user.

4. Click OFF for all user permissions except Upload files and folders.

5. Click the SAVE CHANGES button.

Your user can now log in and upload files but not see or download other customer's files. If you want your user to be able to see the files in the folder, you must also turn on the “See files and folders” permission.

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