Daily Transaction Limits

Daily Transaction Limits

The daily transaction limit is a limit on the overall number of things you do in a 24-hour period in your ExaVault account. Those transactions could be file uploads, file downloads, making a shared folder, creating a user, deleting files, to name a few examples.

Some ExaVault accounts conduct significantly more transactions than others and can affect other accounts' ability to connect and use the normal file functions of ExaVault. The daily limit is meant to slow those accounts down so that others can use the system without interruption.

The number of daily transactions allowed on an account varies depending on the size of the account:

Account Storage SizeAccount Daily Transaction Limit
< 350GB120,000 transactions
350GB240,000 transactions
500GB to < 1TB 480,000 transactions
1TB - 4TB1.2 million transactions
5TB - 15TB2.4 million transactions
Enterprise accountsunlimited transactions

The daily transaction limit is calculated in real-time and covers the previous 24 hours.

If you reach the daily transaction limit, you may encounter the following issues:

  • Error messages appear in the application or API instructing you to try the action again later.
  • S/FTP connections will queue actions until the account falls back under the daily limit.

Because the limit is calculated in real-time, it will generally only take a few minutes to fall back below the daily threshold.

If you need more detail on your account's transaction usage or would like to upgrade your account, send a message to support@exavault.com.

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