Connection Limits

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Connection Limits

In order to maintain access for all our customers, we place the following restrictions on devices and scripts that will upload, query or poll our servers:

  • Each device (security camera/computer/etc.) connects to the server no more than once every thirty (30) seconds.
  • All devices in aggregate connect no more than six hundred (600) times per hour.
  • No more than forty (40) concurrent connections from any one IP address.
  • No more than thirty (30) concurrent connections from any one login.
  • For API access, no more than 500 calls per minute (results in 15-minute timeout if exceeded)

A couple of things you can check to make things smoother:

  • Make sure any FTP-based scripts are explicitly closing connections behind them.
  • If you have anyone who uses FileZilla, turn down the connections settings as FileZilla likes to continuously spin up new connections. To optimize it, follow our optimization options.

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