An Introduction to MultCloud

An Introduction to MultCloud

MultCloud is free software with the help of which you can connect your local computer and ExaVault FTP server to centralize your file management. You can upload, download files, cut, copy, paste, move, delete and rename them in MultCloud. Moreover, if you use additional cloud storages you can also integrate them to MultCloud together with ExaVault account.

Visit the MultCloud website »

You can directly transfer files from the local computer, ExaVault account, and any cloud storage. Your transfers can operate in the background even with a closed browser. Together with it, you can schedule automatic files transfer from local computer to FTP storage at a regular interval or for special timing. This way you can set up automatic “backup”. This backup is an offline transfer, so you don’t have to turn on your computer. When the backup is done you will get an Email Notification.

MultCloud and ExaVault FTP server:

  • FTP in the app allows you to move resources from other Cloud storages to your ExaVault FTP account.
  • You can transfer your data from the FTP server to your Cloud storages when your computer is power-off. You can set up the backup or synchronization of your data and files.
  • If you need to backup, clone or synchronize your files from the FTP server to Cloud storages at a regular time. Schedule your operations when you need it.

Connecting and Synchronizing files with MultCloud

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Connecting with MultCloud

As MultCloud is a web application, you don’t need to download it. You need to create your account on the official MultCloud website.

To add cloud storage services to MultCloud:

  1. Sign up and sign in to MultCloud.
  2. Then you will see the main interface as in the following picture. You can click the “Add Cloud Drives”; button on the left top panel to go to the next page to start adding cloud storage service.
  3. After you click on the FTP button, you need to fill in the information to connect to ExaVault account:

server -, username - fast-banana, password.

  1. Click the button “Connect” to your FTP account.

In order to connect with cloud storage and begin transferring files between them, you should follow these steps for adding your cloud accounts.

Upload files with MultCloud

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Upload files with MultCloud

  1. First, you should ensure that you have a MultCloud account and have already added an FTP account and cloud drive(s) in MultCloud.
  2. Select your ExaVault account. Click it, then everything in it will be displayed in MultCloud’s interface.
  3. Now you can click the “Upload” button on the top of the interface.
  4. In the pop-up window, it tells you there are two ways to adding files ready to upload: one is clicking the Add button, another is dragging and dropping files in the pop-up window directly.
  5. After you have selected target files, click the “Upload” button to start uploading.
  6. You can see a progress bar on the right bottom of the interface. When the progress bar disappears, the uploading process is complete.

Download files with MultCloud

  1. Select your ExaVault account. Click it, then everything in it will be displayed in MultCloud’s interface.
  2. Select the file in ExaVault account that you want to download, you will see the “Download” button on the top become white, which means it has been available now. Just click it. Another method is to right-click the target file, then you will see a “Download” option, you can also click it to download.
  3. After you click any “Download” button, there will be a pop-up window that lets you select a location to store the file.
  4. When you decide the save location and click the “Save” button, the download process will be automatically running.

For more information on how to use MultCloud with ExaVault FTP account go to the tutorial on the official website.

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