Firewall Troubleshooting

You sit down, eager to upload files to your new ExaVault account, and nothing happens. Maybe you see “Server not found” or you get an eternal “Connecting” message. Either way, your files aren't getting from your computer to your account. Try these steps to help pinpoint what's blocking your files.

Your IP Address Info

Take note of your public IP address below along with your browser info and any plugins. If you need to contact us about your connectivity, include your public IP address and browser info.

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Troubleshooting Steps

Here are steps to take if you're not able to get connected to your ExaVault account. These steps will help us determine if there is a firewall permissions problem preventing you from accessing your files. For this testing, you'll be using an FTP client.

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Testing Server Credentials

Use the following details to connect. All characters should be entered as lower-case.

Connection Details






1. Determine if a port or service is being blocked.

See if you can connect to any of the following. If some work – but not others – then take note of which ones and let us know:

FTP-SSL (port 21)

If you have an FTP client already installed (e.g., FileZilla or Cyberduck), then connect using FTPES (FileZilla) or FTPS (Cyberduck) to the server listed above.

SFTP (port 22)

If you have an FTP client already installed (e.g., FileZilla or Cyberduck), then connect using SFTP with FileZilla or Cyberduck
to the server listed above.

2. Determine if you can connect elsewhere.

Here is a great excuse to get out of the office! “…sorry boss, but I've got to see if we have a network problem with connecting to the FTP site….”

  • Take a laptop over to a local coffee shop with WiFi and run the tests listed in step 1 above.
  • Take the afternoon off (traffic is a bear, right?) and test your connection from home.
  • If your phone has the ability to act as a mobile hotspot, try using it to test your connection.

If you can connect using any of the options above, chances are high that your office network is blocking the connection. You can provide the needed firewall setup information to your internal IT staff so they can unblock the traffic for you.

3. Let us know your testing results.

Make sure to let us know what happens.

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