Firewall Setup Information

To help you set up your firewall, here is our network data:

Supported Protocols and Ports




If you're using FTP or FTPS, and have your FTP client set to use Passive FTP (the default for most FTP client software), you will also need to allow outbound access from your network to our servers on ports 60000 - 65535. Your FTP client will open a control channel on port 21 and a data channel on a random high port in the 60000 - 65535 port range.

IP Address Range

There are three IP address ranges for ExaVault servers:

  • to
  • to
  • to

Mail Server Whitelist

The following is a list of email/IP addresses that you should exclude from your mail server's spam filter in order to receive ExaVault notifications, invitations, and newsletters.

Our notification and invitation emails are sent via SendGrid.

  • The email address used is
  • The domain is

(If you have special business needs requiring emails from ExaVault to be sent from your email address and domain, configure a custom system email.)

SendGrid uses the following IP address:


Our newsletters are sent out by MailChimp.

Here are the IPs that MailChimp uses:

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