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Manage Account

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User settings in SWFT
User settings in SWFT

Users may manage and save a few usage settings in SWFT. These are accessed by clicking the “Account” button on the toolbar.

Login Info

nicknameA meaningful name for you / how you prefer to be addressed.
passwordYour password. Depending upon your account permissions, this may not be editable.
emailYour email address.


display optionsToggles to show or hide the help tips on each page and to remember the last folder when you log off.
time zoneChange how times are displayed for your user account.

Email Lists

Email lists allow you to create groups of people, which can be used with Shared Folders or Send Files.

Admin-Level Account Settings

Admin users have access to more account settings, such as setting up automated quota notification emails, rebranding your account with custom logos and themes, and enabling secure-only access to your account.

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