Monitoring File Transfers with Cyberduck

Cyberduck really goes the extra mile in enabling you to connect and transfer files easily. But how can you be assured that your file has been transferred successfully? The answer lies in the Transfers window.

The Transfers Window

Tracking file transfer.

The Transfers window is the easiest way to keep track of the status of your file transfers. The Transfers window will display:

  • The direction of the transfer
  • The transferred file name
  • The status of the transfer (Transferring, Complete, Incomplete)
  • The size of the file

Other neat features of the Transfers window are the Show and the Open buttons in the Transfer window.

Show Button
Showing and opening files.

Clicking on the Show button will open the directory that the file was uploaded from (or downloaded to) in the Windows Explorer / Mac Finder. This is useful when you download a file – but forgot where you put it!

1. Select the transferred file in the Transfers window.

2. Click the Show button.

Open Button

Clicking the Open button will open a file after it has been transferred.

1. Select the transferred file in the Transfers window.

2. Click the Open button.

Other Transfer Window Features
  • The Reload button will refresh the window if you have several concurrent transfers.
  • The Remove button will clean up the Transfer window list.
  • The Resume button will allow you stop a transfer in progress and pick it up later.

Advanced Topics and Questions

Growl Notifications (Windows and Mac)

What is Growl?

Growl is a program that will tell you when an event has completed – successfully or not. For example, you might upload large blocks of files every night as you leave work. Growl can be configured to notify you of success or failure with a pop-up.

Unlike other FTP programs that attempt to reinvent the wheel, Cyberduck makes use of a system-wide tool that you can use to for nearly any application.

For more info:

The official Cyberduck guide to using Growl
Growl website for Mac
Growl website for Windows

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