Using Bookmarks with Cyberduck

Bookmarks are one of the most powerful features in Cyberduck. A bookmark is just like a bookmark in a web browser: it stores the details of an FTP connection so you can easily reconnect. What's more, you can create a bookmark with an active connection.

Creating Bookmarks

Creating a Cyberduck Bookmark From an Active Connection.

Creating a Bookmark From an Active Connection

If you are already connected to an FTP server, it's a snap to create a bookmark. With the Browser window open:

1. Click the Bookmarks menu.

2. Select New Bookmark.

3. Fill in a nickname for the bookmark.

Yes – You just created a bookmark in fewer mouse clicks than you have fingers on your hand!

Creating a Bookmark Without a Connection

If you aren't connected, you can still create a bookmark. Here's what it might look like with your ExaVault account:

1. From the Bookmark menu, select New Bookmark.

2. Fill in the details for your ExaVault account

  • Protocol: SFTP
  • Server:
  • Username: bobsmith
  • Password: (Mind your passwords in public places!)

Using Bookmarks

Using Cyberduck Bookmarks.

To access your Cyberduck bookmarks, simply click the Bookmarks toggle button on the toolbar. Bookmarks will appear in place of the Browser window in Cyberduck.

There are several ways to use Cyberduck's bookmarks. Some of them are really neat – clearly Cyberduck's developers have put some thought into the interface.

Using Bookmarks to Connect to an FTP Server

It's really easy to use a bookmark to connect: Just double click on the bookmark.

But that's not the only way:

1. Drag the bookmark to your desktop (or a folder in Finder / Windows Explorer).

2. Double-click on the bookmark in Finder / Windows Explorer to connect.

Sharing Bookmarks with Other People

Suppose you have clients or friends who also use Cyberduck. You can create a bookmark and send it to them in an email. Then they can connect painlessly as well!

1. Create the bookmark as described above.

2. Drag the bookmark to your desktop (or a folder in Finder / Windows Explorer).

3. Attach the bookmark file in an email. (A Cyberduck bookmark is simply an XML file.)

4. Have the recipient of your email save the attachment.

5. Have them double-click on the bookmark to connect to your account.

Exporting bookmarks is especially helpful to help your users get started:

1. Create the bookmark as described above.

2. Enter the username and password for your new user.

3. Export the bookmark and send it to another Cyberduck user whom you want to give access.

Other Bookmark Features

Editing Cyberduck Bookmark.

There are a couple of other features about Cyberduck's bookmarks that are worth mentioning:

Editing Bookmarks

It's easy to edit a bookmark in Cyberduck:

1. Select the bookmark in the Bookmarks window.

2. Click the Edit button in the lower toolbar.


The Path box specifies a folder on the server that you want to automatically navigate to when you connect.

Download Folder

The Download Folder specifies the folder on your computer that you would like to automatically download files to. One of the alternate ways (not mentioned previously) to download files is:

1. Select the file(s) to download.

2. Click the File menu and select Download.

When using this method to download, the Download Folder in the bookmark will be where files are downloaded to.

Further Reading

There's lots more to Cyberduck than what has been covered in this guide. If you'd like to find out more of what Cyberduck offers, you'll want to check out the extensive help file on the official website.

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