Receive Folder Form Builder

Receive Folder Form Builder

Your receive folder can display a customized form. You can change what users will see when they submit files to your receive folder.

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Creating and managing receive folders with SWFT

Customize the Receive Folder Form

  1. After you’ve created the Receive folder, click the Settings link.
  2. The window with all settings for your folder will open. Click the FORM SETTINGS tab.
  3. In the Form Settings, add or remove fields and change other behavior for the form.

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Creating and managing receive folders with SWFT

Change Field Settings

Each form element has various options, such as field name, whether it is required, description, and field size. To view or change a field's options, move your mouse pointer near the field you want to edit. You'll see two icons: a pencil ✏ and a trash can 🗑. To edit, click the pencil icon.

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Creating and managing receive folders with SWFT
You can change how each field is displayed in the form:

  • Field Label is a title of the field that appears on the form.
  • Required: if you check this box, the submitter won't be able to send files without filling out this field.
  • Use as folder name: if this option checked, what the submitter puts in this field will be used as a folder name within the receive folder. To enable this option, you must also check the box near the Organize files into subfolders in the SETTINGS tab. Only one field can be designated as the subfolder.
  • Description is special notes or additional text to provide to the submitter for that field;
  • Field Size is how wide the field is compared to the form. When the form is viewed on a small screen, every field will take the full width of the form.
  • Click OK to save your changes or CANCEL if you don’t need to change anything.

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Creating and managing receive folders with SWFT

Add Form Fields

Use the buttons at the bottom to add new fields to the form. New fields will be added below the Upload Area.

  • TEXT INPUT - a single line of text input of any kind.
  • NAME - you can use for filling out the name of the submitter.
  • EMAIL is used for filling out the email of the submitter. This field requires entry to be in the format of an email address.
  • TEXTAREA - a large multi-line box of text.

Note that you cannot have more than one field with the same name on your form.

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Removing fields from the form

Remove Form Fields

To delete a field, move your mouse pointer near the field you want to edit. You'll see two icons: a pencil ✏ and a trash can 🗑. To delete, click the trash can icon.

  • You cannot delete the Upload Area from your form.

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Change the order of form fields

Change the order of Form Fields

Drag and drop parts of the form to change their order. You can move any of the fields to any position on the form.

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Controlling form behavior with advanced options

Advanced Form Settings

Other options for the form are listed below the form fields:

  • The Form Description appears at the top of the form. Fill in the form description to provide context to your users on the purpose of the form.
  • Users will see the text of your Success Message when their upload to your Receive folder is finished and the form is submitted.
  • Submit Button Text is the text that will appear on the button used to submit the form.

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Changing the appearance of your form with CSS

  • Embedded CSS styles lets you alter the appearance of the form.

To save your changes to the form, click the SAVE button. To exit the settings without saving your changes, click the CLOSE button.

Form Data

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View data submitted by your users

How to Access Data Submitted By Your Users

You can see who used your form to upload files in a special Form Data report. To access it:

  1. Locate your receive folder in the Files page.
  2. Open the dropdown menu of your Receive folder and choose Form Data. In order to see this menu, you must be an admin or master user, or you must have been given the View Form Data user permission.

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View data submitted by your users

Exporting Submitted Form Data

  1. In the report, you’ll see details about users that submitted your form. You can export a CSV-formatted (comma-separated values) file that contains the data, which can then be opened in many database and spreadsheet programs.
  2. Click the CLOSE button to exit the Form Data.

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