Sharing 101

Sharing 101

ExaVault file manager makes it easy to share files and folders on your account with others.

  1. You can create user accounts.
  2. You can create shared folders that others can access to download your files.
  3. You can create receive folders that others can use to upload files to you.
  4. You can embed the receive folder into a web form that others can use to upload files to you from your website.

Deciding Which Approach is Right For You

Is the individual a member of your staff, or do they require access via SFTP, FTP, or FTP-SSL?

Are you looking to simply send a link one time to file(s) or folder(s)?

Do you need to share content with several users that may change frequently?

Do you need users to submit files to you without a separate login/password?

Do you need to include a way for users to upload files to your ExaVault account through your own form on your website?

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