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Sample Scripts

We've created several sample scripts to help you tackle most basic account functions. Our scripts will provide you with examples of the API's functionality using test data, but they can be easily modified to manage with your users and files.

View Account Details

This simple script will let you get the details of your account to check your currently used storage space. This simple call can be the basis for tracking account usage and making POST calls to update the account.

Create a User

Use this script to create a brand new user in your account. This method of user creation will expose you to the various creation options you're able to leverage when creating a new user.

Create a Report

Learn how our activity APIs can be leveraged to create any custom report you need. This example will show how often users are failing to successfully log in to their account.

Download a File

Download a file from the sample folder initially created in your account. We recommend running this sample early, while the example folder structure are still intact.

Upload a File

Learn how to use the ExaVault APIs to upload a file into your account. We'll provide you will a small sample file to simplify the process for you.

Compress Files

This multi-step example will create a folder, locate multiple files, and create a .zip. A great example of creating a simple workflow and working with multiple resources at once.

Create a Notification

A workflow script to create a folder tree and add a new notification. This script can be used to add a new notification to any existing folder already in your account.

Share a Folder

Another simple workflow script to create and share a folder. If your target folder already exist, this script will allow you to define your folder and show you how to add password protection to your share.

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