Automated FTP File Transfer

ExaVault for Developers

The same API that powers our web and SFTP platforms is available directly to our customers.
Start with Sample Code

Don’t start from scratch - our GitHub account is flush with code samples for Python, PHP, JavaScript and Java, with more to come.

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Read the Docs

We provide detailed API documentation to answer all of your questions. Still want to talk to a human? Contact us.

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Ready, Set, Build

Get started immediately with the ExaVault API, even if you’ve never written a line of code before. Check out our walkthrough, from creating your API credentials to sending your first API call.

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Heavyweight Functionality, Lightweight Integrations

Don’t stop at our API - we’ve got even more integration options that are easy, fast, and powerful.

Webhooks Notify You When Events Occur

Get real-time updates pushed directly to your server so that you can take responsive action instantly and automatically.

SFTP Automates File Transfers Securely

Automate file transfers with our FTP & SFTP capabilities. Optional SSH keys allow you to login automatically, too.

Embeddable Forms Automate Uploads

Just add a few lines of code to your website, and your clients will be able to upload files directly to your cloud storage. (With customizable branding, too!)

Don’t Worry, We’re Compatible

We strive to remain compatible with as many browsers, FTP clients, and software as we can - ensuring your workflow is never interrupted.
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