We’ve Made Some Changes to File Sharing

Can we talk about hot dogs for a moment? More specifically, Chicago Dogs. That poppy seeded bun, zesty pickles, sweet tomatoes and tangy mustard… Maybe we shouldn’t be writing this before lunch. More to the point, we’ve released an update to our web interface, which was codenamed “Chicago,” and it has some file sharing changes that may affect you. The sooner we can get this information out to you, the sooner we can sail away in a ship made of 100% beef goodness. Yum.

One Screen to Rule Them All

We’ve changed the Sharing interface recently, in the hopes of getting you to the information you need in fewer steps. Before, we had separate menu items for “Sharing Settings” and “Sharing Details,” but no more! Now, when you are Sharing a folder, you can see all the options for that share, who’s invited and what’s been happening with that Share — all in one place.
file sharing screen shot
Because of this change, we’ve also added some bolder-faced type so you can skim and find just what you’re looking for.

What’s in the Share?

We’ve also made a change that allows you see the contents of a Shared Folder faster, with less scrolling. Before, we showed you details of the Share directly below the buttons on the top of the page, which could lead to some clutter. Now when you are looking inside a Shared Folder, you’ll see that the “Edit Share” button is more clearly “lit up”, so that you know that a Share is active on this folder. Clicking on the button will display everything about the share, as we described above. As a bonus, the Notification and Direct Link Buttons also work the same way.

If at any point you have questions about our file sharing changes, contact us and we’ll help out as soon as we can. Thanks for being a part of the ExaVault family.