Username Changes and New SWFT Settings

Summer’s starting, and we’ve cooked up more great stuff for SWFT. Find out more about username changes and enhanced file manager preferences.

Username Changes: Change Usernames!

We’ve introduced a very simple, but long-awaited, feature request. You can now change the username of any user in your account! No more deleting and recreating a user when you need to change the username! Users with admin access can update another user’s username by following these steps:

  1. Locate the user you wish to change on the Users page
  2. Click the edit button to the right of that user’s entry.
  3. In the box that pops up, type in the new username and click the Update button

Basic user settings in SWFT

But wait! There’s more….

  • We’ve also increased the maximum length of your usernames. We’re pretty confident that any name you can think of will fit in our system. (Yes, that’s a little bit of a dare!)
  • Changes to usernames will take place immediately, and users who are already logged in when their username changes won’t even have to log out.
  • Activity logs will reflect new names immediately, but old activity in your activity log won’t update with the user’s current name.

Making SWFT A Little Swifter

We’ve made some other quality-of-life improvements to SWFT, including the option to remember which folder you were last using in File Manager. Previously, this setting did not apply if you visited another tab in SWFT, such as the Activity log or the Send Files page. Now, however, if you’re in a particular folder, then you visit another page in SWFT and then go back to File Manager, you’ll find yourself back in that folder. Intrigued? To enable this option, visit the Account page, click on the Preferences tab, and find the option Remember the folder I was last viewing each time I use the file manager.

Well, it’s time for us to go back to work on more cool things for you. If you have any suggestions for what those should be, please drop us a line at All of your feedback is shared directly with our developers, and your vote counts. Don’t be shy if there’s something missing from your ExaVault experience because we want to know what you want. Thanks for scrolling this far down!
The ExaVault Team