Share and Send Bigger Files With Improved Uploading

Our latest release was deployed without heartache or loss of life, so it’s time to talk a little more about what changed. Like the awesome changes to sharing and uploading.

Changes to Sharing

A few weeks ago, we combined the Send Files and Share Folders pages into one simplified Sharing page. There’s also one combined History for all your active shares, sends and receives.

We also made a few more tweaks to the steps for sending:

  • You can still choose to send an email invitation to your recipient through SWFT.  With the revamped Send Files page, you can also get a link that you can provide to anyone through your own email system.
  • By default, you’ll be notified when your recipients download your files, but you can also choose to notify someone else instead.

Similarly, we’ve made some updates to creating shared folders:

  • It’s even faster to invite people to a shared folder.  You can invite your users while you’re setting up your new share. By our reckoning, this saved an average of six (!) clicks over the previous method.
  • We’ve made it easier to get the link for your new shared folder. You can share this link with anyone to grant access to your folder.
  • We’ve included options for shared folder notifications in the setup. By default, you’ll receive an email whenever someone interacts with your shared folder. You can change this notification directly within the shared folder options instead of finding your entry somewhere in the list on the Notifications page.

And there have been big changes to file drops (now receive folders):

  • We’ve added a separate Receive Files tab on our sharing page to set up receive folders in your account. Before, you had to first set up your shared folder, then update it to be a file drop; now, you only need to set up the folder once and you’re good to go!
  • Just like shared folders, you can invite people to your receive folder using SWFT.
  • The Give me a link option will display a link to your new receive folder that you can share with anyone to send you files without sending an email invitation.
  • If you’re planning to embed your receive folder in your web page, just choose I want to embed and you’ll see the code for embedding as soon as you finish creating your receive folder.
  • You can choose who receives messages when file are uploaded to your receive folders, or choose that no one receives those messages.

Changes to Uploading

We’ve made improvements to the basic file uploading system used by Chrome, FireFox and Internet Explorer 10. (For those of you stuck with Internet Explorer 8 or 9, we regret these next pieces don’t apply to you, too):

  • If it fits, it ships – With our updates last week, you’re now finally able to upload any size file without enabling Java! As long as your file fits in your account, you can upload it directly in your web browser.
  • Do-overs – Resume is now supported; if your connection gets interrupted for any reason, you’ll find your partially-uploaded file (ending in .incomplete) in your account. Just start uploading the same file again, and the upload will pick up where it left off!

Send Even Bigger Files

We’ve also increased the size of the largest file you can send to 10GB. For files larger than that, you can still provide your recipient their own username and password to download using an FTP client.

More on the Way

We’ve had a busy couple of months, with lots to do, and we’re not planning on slowing down. We’ll continue to work on simplifying and streamlining all of the things you use SWFT to do. If there’s something that you think could be made better, or if there’s a feature you’re just dying to see, give us a shout at! As always, your feedback is shared directly with our engineers, and we appreciate the input. Like we always say, the best ideas are the ones we steal from our customers. Have a great month! – The ExaVault Team