Seek and Ye Shall Find … Your Files!

By popular demand, ExaVault proudly announces our much-requested Search feature! Searching for files is now fun and easy, so let’s get searching.

Where’s Your File? Right Here!

If you’re like us (and we know some of you are), sometimes you just can’t quite remember where you put that one file… you know the one, it had the the word “clock” in the name, maybe? At long last, you can now search for your files directly within SWFT. At the top of the page, you’ll find a box we call the “Search Box” (catchy, no?).  Just type in any part of the name of your file or folder and press ‘Enter’, then marvel as all of the matching entries from your entire account are displayed.
Best of all, you can work with search results just like a normal file listing – drag files into folders, download files, and rename files.  You can sort your search results just like your files listing. Need to find the oldest files in your account? Try searching for * and then sorting the results by date.

The Search For Every Thing

Searching for files is great, but being able to search everything else? Well, that’s even more great. That’s why we’ve also added search to other pages.

  • Shared Folders – find a folder by name, or by its type (e.g. search for ‘upload’ to find folders that can be uploaded to).
  • Notifications – find a notification by name, by type (e.g. ‘delete’, ‘upload’, etc.), or by path.
  • Users – find a user by email address, username or home folder.

What Are YOU Looking For?

We’ve said it before (and we’ll say it again!) — our best ideas for ExaVault come from people like you who actually use it. How do you want to use searching to make SWFT easier? What sorts of things are you trying to find that you can’t? Drop us a line at and share your thoughts.
Got ideas for things that don’t involve searching? We want to hear those, too!  Is there something you HATE about SWFT? Just give us a holler. All of your feedback sent to is shared directly with our developers. You know, the nice guys who brought you searching.