Previewing Has Never Been Easier

The holiday season is once again descending upon us, bringing equal parts joy and terror to the huddled masses – good thing you can pull the monitor closer, and stay warm and happy with ExaVault. We’ve got a few things to share with you – some small holiday gifts, if you will.

Preview Files From Everywhere

Preview files, gallery mode

We’ve made previewing files easier by allowing you to preview files while using Gallery Mode. You could previously see thumbnails of your files, but now you can click on those thumbnails to see a larger preview.
Remember, items that can be previewed will show a magnifying glass as you hover over them.

Look Ma, No Mouse!

Speaking of previewing, did you know that you can preview all the images and PDFs inside a folder without that trusty, yet pesky mouse sitting on your desk? Simply click on a file to preview it, then use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. This can be handy if you have folders stuffed to the brim with, for example, images from your last photoshoot, or when looking for a PDF that you’ll “know when you see it.”

Calling All Developers

If the word “Github” means anything to you, read on! Earlier this year, we unleashed our Developer Tools, which allows you to integrate ExaVault into your applications. We have code examples and a Github account chock-full of API Client Code. Check out our Developer Tools to get the full scoop.

Thanks for scrolling down this far, and have a safe/happy/merry holiday season!