Does My Business Need GDPR Compliance?

Are You Still Asking – What is GDPR? Questions about GDPR compliance are popping up everywhere. Does GDPR apply to me or my business? If GDPR is an EU regulation, how can it affect my company based in the US? How do I know if we are GDPR compliant? Read More

What Is FTP?

File Transfer Protocol, also known as FTP is now more than 40 years old. As the oldest protocol for transferring large files online, it works with everything. It is interoperable across operating systems, software packages, and allows you to store and retrieve any type of content or data. Read More

SSH not Shh. Our Loud SSH Guide.

FTP is the standard protocol for file transfers. Great, let’s use it. What could be better than the standard? Shhhh… there might be something that can provide encryption and additional protection of your transmitted data. Read More