New Team Members, But Still Hiring!

July 2020: This month we have been in high gear working behind the scenes on new developments we plan to unveil later this year. We’re also showcasing some new SFTP videos and are still looking for some talented individuals to join our team. Read More

How to Set Up an FTP Server in 2020

A secure FTP server is an ideal resource for file transfer. A basic understanding of server setup can be helpful whether you are hosting your own server or using a hosted FTP service. The costs, technical aspects, and functionality all play a part in deciding how best to meet your requirements. Read More

The Difference Between FTP, FTPS, and SFTP

Let’s start with a fun fact: FTP has been around for nearly 50 years – and because of that, there are lots of flavors and variations of the protocol. There’s plain old FTP – File Transfer Protocol – but there’s also FTPS, FTP-SSL, and SFTP. Many people ask: How do they differ? Read More