10 Ways to Improve Developer Productivity & Happiness

One way to look at improving developer productivity is to consider the destructive, inefficient, and time-wasting habits that happen in the workplace. People tend to point out the actions and processes that hinder productivity. However, here we are framing the discussing of boosting productivity in terms of things that help not hinder. Read More

Creating a Modern ACH Payment Workflow

Modernization is inevitable for SaaS companies. Now, thanks to Qualpay, we were able to add ACH transfers as a payment option for services. In this article, our CEO, David Ordal, goes over the process our team went through to implement ACH. Read More

Managing Account Privileges With Different User Types

When setting up your file sharing account and giving others access to your documents, you want to use permissions and users effectively. Managing users helps ensure the security of your data while providing access to those who need specific files to fulfill their duties. It’s important to assign the proper user roles from admin to upload only. Read More

New In-App Announcements & More Compatibility

This month, we’ve introduced in-app announcements and a page showcasing our extensive compatibility with various FTP clients and business software. Check out what’s new as well as a few pro tips for getting the most out of your ExaVault account. Keep reading to find out more. Read More