Monitoring Your FTP File Transfers

Often you need to monitor your FTP file transfers on a regular basis. Maybe customers submit orders electronically for processing, or you need to get marketing data from several different systems to pull into your data warehouse. Read More

FTP in Ecommerce: Utilizing an FTP Site

The Internet is a mainstay of many retail businesses. With online sales increasing around the world and current global circumstances creating the need for many retail operations to expand to ecommerce models, these companies benefit from a reliable FTP site to manage their business files. Read More

How Does an FTP Server Work?

An FTP server is a computer program that is built to handle data transfer between computers. The server waits for clients to connect to it and issue commands that tell the server to upload, download, or list directories. Read More

New Team Members, But Still Hiring!

July 2020: This month we have been in high gear working behind the scenes on new developments we plan to unveil later this year. We’re also showcasing some new SFTP videos and are still looking for some talented individuals to join our team. Read More

How to Set Up an FTP Server in 2020

A secure FTP server is an ideal resource for file transfer. A basic understanding of server setup can be helpful whether you are hosting your own server or using a hosted FTP service. The costs, technical aspects, and functionality all play a part in deciding how best to meet your requirements. Read More