Drag and Drop, Notifications, and More

This past month we’ve been working hard to improve the performance and reliability of our software. We thought it an excellent opportunity to quickly share some neat features with you that you may not know exist within ExaVault. Read More

Custom Branding, Admin Users, and Notifications

It’s been a busy new year so far at ExaVault. We have several shiny new features that we want to tell you about regarding your ExaVault FTP account: custom branding with logos and color themes, administrative users, sharespaces, sent file links… well, I could go on like this forever. Read More

New Servers and EVFTP Bug Fixes

The last few months of 2010 were a bit crazy around here, and we’ve got some exciting announcements that we would like to share with you to start off the new year. Starting with new servers and a new version of our Java FTP client! Read More