New Year. Same Great File Transfers.

A new year is here at last, ushering in waves of optimism and of writing down the wrong year until May. Today, we are proud to unveil the first EvaVault update in 2015. Enjoy.

We’re on the TV — The Internet TV!

We’ve put together a little promotional video to explain to folks how fantastic ExaVault is. It tells the tale of a woman and her quest to get the best darned file transfer solution that the observable universe knows about. We’ve also riddled it with some humor-like bits because we can’t help ourselves.

Take a look at the video here.

Who Did That? Account Activity at Your Fingertips.

Have you ever felt out of the loop? It’s not a good feeling, right? We know — that’s why we include a full reporting on what’s happening in your ExaVault account. Even if you have multiple users doing their dark work, you can always see exactly what is happening, when it happened and whodunit.
Simply click on the Activity tab inside of the web interface (SWFT) to get started.

Sharing is Caring.

Did you know that ExaVault allows you to share files and folders in so many ways that it can be mind boggling? Let’s get it out in the open so we can all be less boggled in 2015.

  • Send: You can send people a link, either by email or a link, a file. We’ll automatically send folders as a zip archive — how handy!
  • Shared Folders: Allows you to share a folders content with others. If you’ve rebranded, your recipients will see your brand, not ours.
  • Receive Folders: Gives you a place where people can upload files into your account. A storage container for placing things, if you will. These are great for easily collecting files from many people.
  • Direct Links: For the times where you just want to send out a file out to the public at large, without ExaVault interjecting itself in the process.

As always, we’re cooking up new things over here at ExaVault HQ. When we roll them out, you’ll be the first to know. Thanks for being an ExaVault customer and have a great new year.